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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. Level
    Do you have a link to share?
  2. bass thump
    huh... i don't know where i saw it, but someone was worried that the X2 is really a repackaged sansa clip. i was just going to grab the comment and post it as a quote i'm replying to.
    oh NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
    the xduoo sounds NOTHING like a low output CLINICAL sounding sansa! i can promise you that much!
    to sansa's credit, ITs FFT ("equalizer frequency display") is real and on the xduoo, it's only there for looks. to the xduoo's credit, ITs display never shuts off.
    xduoo sound is pretty neutral with plenty of ease and just a little bit of warmth, but not as warm sounding as a class A amped cube60 (BUGGY hippo gumstick), but somewhere in between the cube60 and sansa, more like a cowon.
    the one thing that drives me nuts as i've only recently added folders and haven't gotten used to the navigation yet is the way you have to select menu > folder > menu to change folders instead of omitting the unnecessary extra menu select after you've already "selected" your folder. i still forget the clunky procedure and it still takes several swearing tries to remember it. in that regard, the sansa's a little more intuitive, BUT like that unit too, that the xduoo turns on AND LOCKS UP when you turn your computer off, and drains your battery drives me nuts! i don't seem to remember having that issue with my cowon. i could just plug it in and pull it whenever i needed it if memory serves me right instead of having to remember to unplug it before turning my PC off which is the stupidest most backwards way to charge a player. EVERY time i went to grab my sansa, the battery was dead because of it.
    the stuff inside is as high quality as the stuff outside on the xduoo compared to the plasticky sansa with the annoying spring clip on back you have to break to remove...
  3. bass thump
    OK, i just solved the biggest issue to my lack of enjoyment of using the x2...
    i did a test and found that at .3 seconds, the X2 adds an audible fade in to a high frequency percussive transient i was using for testing, but not at .4 seconds. the .3s fade in was subtle, but still clearly audible. i'm guessing that .35 seconds is the actual fade in point, but from now on, i'm adding .4 seconds to every track i import into the X2 for TRUE "seamless", if not gapless, playback.
    i went back and added .4s to the start of every track in a folder of BBC big band orchestra tracks and find that listening to music on the X2 has become a lot less stressful, but the nice sounding superlux 681 EVO cans i'm breaking in that don't skimp much on bass are probably helping too. all i know is i'm no longer distracted by the start of EVERY track i've edited for instant starts and seamless playback on gear that doesn't artificially add gaps & fade ins getting cut off and making me clench my fist and teeth.
    i should be going to sleep, but i'm finally enjoying my new & improved rig for once.
    if fade ins are driving you nuts too, add .4 seconds of silence to the start of every track (or even better yet, mix them into clumps) and no longer be annoyed by your player trying to tell you when it thinks a song should start without asking you.
    i never realized just how much those fade ins bothered me until i listened to adjusted tracks in their entirety.
    ALL media player manufacturers need to pull their thumbs outta their butts and fix that crap! it should be EASY to do, and if ANYTHING, they should go the other way and overlap tracks for totally gapless playback. i DESPISED my cube 60 for the same reason.
  4. rikk009
    Bought X10 for $115 from tomtop. Too temping to pass at this price. 
  5. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    So did I.

    I already have the X2, X3 and now an X10 on the way.  I have no clue why I need this many DAPs....  

    I also have the FiiO X1 (Gen2) and the Walnut Hi-Fi V2 on the way as well.  Again, not sure why I bought all these.

    I also own the FiiO M3 and Onn X5 too.  Someone needs to take my wallet away.  I don't need all this stuff.
  6. rikk009
    Hahaha... you are under spell. If my wallet allowed I would be on your place. Post your views and comparison on walnut and to others. I love cheap giant slayers.
  7. ddtdave
    sounds like someone's already taken your wallet away mate :blush:
    I have a DX50 a Cowon an M3 and an X7 and I was still considering the x1 II.... Appreciate your thoughts on that when you get it.
  8. bass thump
    ABSOLUTELY, but, you can't always trust they hype.
    even though they use cheap drivers, AND their soft dome tweeters are far from the fastest and most revealing ever (REALLY screaming for class D!), i WOULD call NHT super zero speakers TRUE giant killers because they have virtually ZERO cabinet resonances unlike other ALLEGED "giant killers" like mission M71s & energy RC10s with their flimsy 5/8" boxy sounding MDF sources of annoyance.
    i would even rate superzeros as EQUAL to their $1,000 list price "classic 3" big brothers which are REALLY nice in so many ways that zeros aren't, but that are held back by aluminum driver resonances their bass & clarity challenged superzero lack. speed, depth, & resolution means diddly if you have to pollute it with resonant distortions.
    as to "upgraditis", the X2 does many things that whizz me off, but sounding like crap isn't one of them.
  9. Jack Blake
    what tyoe of hex screw u use to open it.mine are a bit dodgy on the keytune side(stuck a bit).need to see whats wrong
  10. Jack Blake
    what tyoe of hex screw u use to open it.mine are a bit dodgy on the keytune side(stuck a bit).need to see whats wrong
  11. rikk009
    Need to replace the battery, it's depleting too fast. Has anyone tried that? Which battery did you order?
  12. bass thump
    you too huh?
    i never would have even considered replacing the battery as possible. i'm getting something like a lousy 5 hours at best run time out of my player, and that's when listening to digitally compressed modern tracks at 50% or lower volume so they don't sound as loud as ironically enough higher dynamic range uncompressed vinyl.
    i have a suspicion that the battery was ruined by the half dozen times it's gone dead by going into play mode, sometimes with the player totally locking up too, when i turn my PC off when re-charging.
    if there's a good battery to "upgrade" to, and a procedure for it, i'd like to know too.
  13. rikk009
    Yesterday battery went from 3 bars to nil in 3 songs flat. Definitely need a replacement.Will open it later today to see what kind of battery it has.
  14. redfx
    rikk009 likes this.
  15. rikk009
    I tried to open it but don't have the required screw bit.
    Another thing I noticed is the battery backup becomes worse with the 64GB Samsung EVO+ card compared to Strontium Nitro card. So the technology behind the cards are a major factor here. Strontium also has buffering issue with the DAP, that is maybe coz Strontium maybe not constantly using the card but buffer and flush the data to refill resulting in a stutter on a interval(as I had reported in the beginning) but that also preserves battery.
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