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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. Level

    Hmmm. I can't find that model using a typical name search, got any links?
  2. rikk009
    Oh, sorry I meant QP1R https://www.amazon.co.uk/QP1R-Hi-Resolution-Digital-Player-32GB-Gold/dp/B015PXDSSW
    Btw, Onkyo users are quite happy too https://www.amazon.com/Onkyo-DP-X1-Digital-Audio-Player/dp/B01AWLQ1AY
  3. fredhubbard2

     woooo those are like x7 the price of the xDuoo X3
  4. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Why not the xDuoo X10?
    They are taking pre-orders now for about $175, you could even message them and say you are from Head-Fi and maybe get a slight discount:

  5. fredhubbard2
  6. Level

    Right, scroll wheel and overall size/weight, not ideal for workouts running etc. My interest extends to the upcoming Lotoo Pico, it should have very good sound.
  7. bass thump
    i'm REALLY getting effing annoyed with mine!!!!
    i bought it for a bicycle sound system, which i haven't even built yet, and my X2 refuses to hold a charge!!! mine was DOA tonight when i first tried to use it despite theoretically being fully charged with no more than an hour's use. then, i charged it for about an hour and when i disconnected it, it showed a full charge on the battery indicator BUT after just a few hours listening at half volume with volume reduced tracks to keep the same apparent volume as analogue tracks, it went dead again after about 4 freakin' hours!!! there's no effing way i'll ever get an 8 hour day out of this thing!
    it can't even play for four hours with bass boosted tracks, and tonight i was using flat tracks at volume 20 (out of 40) or less.
    if memory serves me right, it's supposed to have a 12 hour run time, but i've never broken the 8 hour mark with my suicidal unit. i wouldn't be surprised that the battery was ruined by the sansalike BUSTED feature where the unit goes into play mode without asking permission to do so when you unplug it or shut your computer off instead of shutting off like it should. i never had to babysit my cowon like that... just plug it in and disconnect it when you're ready to use it. why isn't that the industry standard?!!! once i plug a player in, i forget it until i need it and its dead effing battery.
    BTW... xduoo bass is severely overrated too and the EQ sucks with it's crappy preset curves to the point of being useless too.
  8. Igor Ruzaev
    36 USD http://m.tomtop.com/mp3-mp4-mp5-players-1314/p-v1266.html if someone wants to get one
  9. rikk009
    Never heard of the site.
    X10 is $146.99
  10. Level

    Why would anyone even bother when you can hit a home run with the Lotoo PAW5000, a proven performer and an excellent player all 'round. I have one and haven't looked back, never will, it's that good. $199 most places.
  11. Level
    X2 purchase summary...
    My original request to return or exchange my X2 was denied by Aliexpress, if you can stretch yourself to imagine that crap attitude. newfrogdotcom offered a site credit of supposed equal value. However, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me. I won't be touching that bait.
    Shortly after ordering the X2 I thought it would be helpful to pair it with an amp on occasion and ordered the QX1. Once the nonsense with Aliexpress unfolded I decided to keep the amp and suffer with the X2, having not much choice in the matter.
    Anyways, when the X2 works this is a very nice portable combo for mobile activity where audio quality isn't the biggest concern. Incidentally, I posted my experience on the Trusted Reviews site and have had five or six thank you messages for flagging this seller and the rediculous outcome as managed by Aliexpress......my 2¢ of revenge for a pound of extracted flesh.
    I had also ordered the X3 and was able to return it to GearBest after receiving it, now that's how a company should be run. I highly recommend them. The X3 however cannot be recommended...glad to be done with it. These are the last pieces of Xduoo gear I plan to ever acquire.
  12. rikk009
    I was screwed by a 'trusted' seller on Aliexpress a couple of months back...sent the IEMs back and got my money via Credit card reversal. 
  13. rikk009
    Where did you find Paw5k for $199?
  14. Level

    Well that's interesting......I bought it here a few weeks ago but see they've increased the price, it's now $249:  http://aloaudio.deals/
  15. Holypal

    In China.
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