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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. fatct
    Will the music stutter when play through sd card ?
  2. Zukubi

    i think its possible in x2. in delete menu an option "bookmark song" or "up this song". when you sellect this option it is adds special character like "+" start of track name. like "+05 Madonna_Frozen". and it appears top of the folder.
  3. rikk009
    I don't see that feature on v7.0E. What version are you using?
  4. rikk009
    It did on Strontuim SD cards.
  5. Zukubi

    no. there is no this future in any firmware. only i wish this future, maybe come.

    sry for my bad english
  6. fatct
    The cause of the stuttering is more on the SD card side or the player itself ?
  7. afrianza
    Does anyone know how to fix "Card is Pulled" error on xduoo x2 ?
    At first it works just fine, but I don't know how, after I use it for about 12 hours and I pulled the card out cuz I need to use it in other DAP, when I pulled the card in xduoo x2 again, then I turn it on, it just show "Card is Pulled" and "See You Soon" then shutdown.. I have tried another card and no change..
  8. riodgarp
    you need to reflash or upgrade fw
  9. redfx
    Your memory card is not in the slot, or the player does not see it.
  10. Level
    I've been playing with the X2 (firmware v7.0) and have to say this little player is a POS. My time spent trying to get my files to play has been nothing short of totally frustrating. Couple that with some questionable hardware (card reader) and what do you get?    ...................a BIG wank.
    In the days of honor coding (long gone it seems) by version 4.0 we typically had a solid and dependable program, evolving into a potentially great program with each new iteration. Today you can even have a version 10 and it still sucks. Obviously these coding teams aren't being directed to work for the benefit of the customer or we would see much greater progress to that end.
    If I was Xduoo I would write off this player and move forward, hopefully with more productive results.......X3? My search to find a relatively inexpensive player that can actually play the files it is advertised to play and be very portable, have decent sound, a daylight readable screen, reasonable battery life etc. continues. Any suggestions?
  11. fredhubbard2

    So what files are you trying to play? I've only ever had to reconvert mp4a . It sounds great to me . Detailed and 3 dimensional . If it's a wank it's a pretty good one .
  12. Level
    If I have to spend more than a couple of hours getting a $50 player to work, then it isn't worth it to me.
    I have tried FLAC, MP3, and Wav with File Error coming up on many of the tracks. Then it freezes. It also frequently duplicates each track, the new file name begins with a (.) and then the song titles etc.
    ......so maybe it's just a little wank.
  13. DjBobby
    Try first reformatting the card with https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/
    Re duplicate files with (.) I assume you are using Mac OS, that's problem of the Apple cache. Download from the Mac App Store the app called CleanMedia, and always eject the card through the app, this will clear the double cache.
  14. Level

    Got the formatter and will give that a try, good to have on hand in any case.
    VERY reluctant to give ANY money to that faggy fruit company........strange to reflect I was once a biggest fan.
    Thank you for the info, I'll try and find it elsewhere on the web.
  15. Holypal
    X2 may not have much details, but pretty musical. For me, it's good on the go and listen rock music.
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