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World Cup 2014

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  1. oqvist
    What do you mean it was a great game.
    OK-Guy likes this.
  2. rodweb
    Because Germany was the favorite.
  3. oqvist
    Wouldn´t it be booring if the favourite always won. Ghana was just as good this game 2-2 felt about right. Ghana was really tired by the end so they would have lost on OT I am afraid though :)
  4. rodweb
    Sure, that's why I always support the weakest team on the game :p
  5. OK-Guy
    looks like big reputations mean nothing in this World Cup... little teams(so to speak) are really giving it to the fancied teams, loving every minute of it.
  6. Oregonian

    And this is why this is a great World Cup thus far! Not going to script! Love it.....
  7. OK-Guy
    yeah the World's FA-Cup... there's an idea... [​IMG]
  8. OK-Guy
    two great games today, shame that yet again clear penalty's were not given... that's six now by my reckoning.
    let's see if Ronaldo can get Portugal going.
  9. oqvist
    Belgium-Ryssland I don´t think the two situations I saw was enough for a penalty. Strikers help way to much fall in those situations but surely not easy to see even though the camera lens. Football is a dirty game because of two many players and to few referees.  If the slightest of touch would mean penalty Freds fall in the first game for Brazil was also a penalty :)
    Interesting game now between Portugal and USA. 4 players injured for Portugal. Ronaldo and Alves also semi injured at the very least will be close I recon :)
  10. oqvist
    Nice to finally see a decent distant shot in this world cup. What surprises me is that from what I remember there has been no free kick goal yet?
    Great game Portugal vs USA. 2-2 felt about right. The reactions or lack of reactions to Portugals 2-2 goal say it all. But at least there is a theoretic chance they could make it now.
  11. rodweb
    Finally a good game!
  12. xkonfuzed
    Too late, Spain :D
  13. oqvist
    You have to work hard not to beat Australia. But it helped to bench the old guard perhaps. The qualification system make it so like USA and Australia get through by default :)
  14. oqvist
    What a crap game. How that was a red card I will never know and it was what allowed Uruguay to win in the end.
    Hope Suarez get a suspension next game but I suppose that is not possible?
  15. fabio-fi
    Suarez deserved a red card and suspension for the world cup. I'm getting disappointed. 
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