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World Cup 2014

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  1. OK-Guy
    umm... German's are a bit like their cars...efficiently powerful, strong and clinical.
  2. wrathzombie
    Yeah.. I expected Portugal to do a bit more. But after Pepe's foolishness there was no way back.
    Now, Almeida and Conterao both seem to be injured badly, I doubt Portugal will do much in this world cup. 
    Germans could definitely reach semi or finals. They might even win it.
  3. OK-Guy
    the best teams appear to be from Europe so far, Holland, Italy & Germany... the best from the America's are Costa Rica followed by Brazil & Argentina.
    Love to see a Euro team win it.
  4. xkonfuzed
    and they have a LOT of torque [​IMG]
    See, i told you Germany was going to win. Meanwhile Nigeria vs Iran just ended with a draw 0-0. 
  5. FearThePanthers
    USA! USA! USA! Didn't watch any matches today but I am hoping to catch one tomorrow before work.
  6. rodweb
    Brazil game was terrible..
  7. smial1966
    My money is on the Isle of Man to lift the trophy. Come on you Manx men.  [​IMG]
  8. OK-Guy
    worst day of football was yesterday hate to admit it but the best fun to be had was updating the thread... let's hope normal service resumes today with Holland.
    IoM... [​IMG]
  9. OK-Guy
    humongous upset on the cards.... Holland 1 v Australia 2 latest
  10. robm321
    2 - 2 now, what a game. 
  11. OK-Guy
    2-3... mental stuff, loving this [​IMG]
  12. rodweb
    Great match between Holland and Australia!

    Can't believe Spain is losing again..
  13. OK-Guy
    Spain out, sad demise of one of the all-time great teams.
  14. xkonfuzed
    Spain is out [​IMG]
    What the hell happened to Spain?
  15. oqvist
    They won to much no hunger. They will be back better then ever next ec though
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