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World Cup 2014

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  1. Mambosenior

    ...played like they're already there.

    Yep, no King's English or Castellano spoken in the knockout round this WC.
  2. OK-Guy
    it's Queen's english sir, Queen's english
    why we're playing to holding mid-fielders yet again?... absolutely no invention or clue.
    anyhow after the debacle of last nights disappointment I look forward to the brilliance or Pirlo today.
    Italy, Germany or Holland will win World Cup. 
  3. oqvist
    I believe Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Holland, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Chile or Belgium will win the world cup. Can´t be more precise then this :)
    OK-Guy likes this.
  4. rodweb
    Go go Costa Rica! :)
  5. oqvist
    Looks like they are the dark horses of this WC. Thank god they got their goal after getting robbed like that on that penalty.
  6. OK-Guy
    that was a terrible decision by the Ref, just deserts the goal.
  7. rodweb
    Yeah, that was clearly penalty.
  8. rodweb
    Yeah!! -2 champions now =D
  9. OK-Guy
    England on way home if ever it was in doubt.
    some unpredictable results in this World Cup... perhaps a new name on the trophy?
  10. smial1966
    An ignominious end to an inglorious campaign by England.

    I know that it's highly improbable, but come on Costa Rica.

  11. oqvist
    Costa Ricas excellence is the only real surprise so far.
    Spain is of course the obvious negative surprise no way around it I knew they where going to be tired with half the team going all in for champions league and getting little vacation after a hard season where the key players hasn´t really been strong but still. Diego Costa they just throw in with no preparation so no wonder they couldn´t make any goals. 
    But it´s just temporary there is no chance now Bosque if he is allowed to continue is allowed to stick with his old guard. 
  12. OK-Guy
    another crap penalty decision... just how fexpletiveg lucky were Argentina?... Iran were pretty awesome imho.
  13. oqvist
    Notice that only big teams get these penalties...
  14. rodweb
    Argentina is not doing well.. But they'll probably get to the semi-finals because they are lucky.
  15. xkonfuzed
    Germany and Ghana 2-2 !!! What the heck is wrong with this World Cup :confused_face:
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