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World Cup 2014

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  1. xkonfuzed
    Even though i dont cheer for Brazil i still hope they win. It would make the competition tougher [​IMG]
  2. oqvist
    FIFAs punishment of Suarez was quite ridiculous though. Like football would be a gentlemanna sport okay if it was golf or something... 
    He should be suspended for some games and pay some fines. He can afford it his market value before the bite was 80 million Euro now it´s down to poopy 50 million Euro :p
    But why all the side punishments that is just populistic.
    Brazil-Chile let the best team win don´t matter much as long as the best team win. 
  3. PalJoey
    I'm sure FIFA are praying Brazil don't get knocked out at this stage too.
  4. OK-Guy
    hell bent on dribbles & the odd nibble... [​IMG]
  5. rodweb
    Such a bad referee..
  6. oMalakai
    Lol, nice acting Hulk.
  7. rodweb
    Juuuuulio Cesaaaar
  8. xkonfuzed
    Sooo Brazil to the next round.. and in exactly an hour, Uruguay and Columbia are playing.
  9. OK-Guy
    great call for the hand-ball... thought the Ref had a great game.
  10. oqvist
    Brilliant referee got it right every single time minus a free kick where Alves got his yellow for protesting instead.
    Both should have gone through but that is not possible :p
  11. rodweb
    It clearly wasn't hand-ball
  12. PalJoey
    Been switching back and forth between the Football (Chile/Brazil) and the Tennis (Williams/Cornet) - both full of incident and very hard to stop watching. I think I need a second TV!
  13. OK-Guy
    people will see Red in the Columbia v Uruguay game... pretty feisty already... [​IMG] 
  14. OK-Guy
    what a brilliant goal by young James Rodriguez of Columbia... player of the tournament imo. 
  15. oqvist
    Correct that brilliant two goals :D
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