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World Cup 2014

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  1. OK-Guy
    World Cup 2014 - Brazil
    I'll fill the mids in later as this is a rush job, think Brazilian builders and you'll know it will get completed at some point.
    Results as they happen... might be the odd delay:-
     Second Group Games:-                                                                                First Group Games:-
    Brazil 0 v Mexico 0                                                                                    Brazil 3 Croatia 1 
    Holland 2 v Australia 2                                                                             Chile 3 Australia 1 
    Chile 2 v Spain 0                                                                                       Holland 5 Spain 1 
    Croatia 4 Cameroon 0                                                                               Mexico1 Cameroon 0
    Columbia 2 v Ivory Coast 1                                                                      Costa Rica 3 Uruguay 1
    Uruguay 2 v England 1                                                                              Italy 2 England 1
    Japan 0 v Greece 0                                                                                    Columbia 3 Greece 0
    Costa Rica 1 v Italy 0                                                                                Ivory Coast 2 Japan 1
    France 5 v Switzerland 2                                                                          Switzerland 2 Ecuador 1
    Ecuador 2 v Honduras 1                                                                            France 3 Honduras 0
    Argentina 1 v Iran 0                                                                                  Argentina 2 v Bosnia 1
    Germany 2 v Ghana 2                                                                                Germany 4 v Portugal 0 
    Nigeria 1 v Bosnia 0                                                                                  Iran  0 v Nigeria 0
    Belgium 1 v Russia 0                                                                                 USA 2 v Ghana 1
    Algeria 4 v South Korea 2                                                                         Belgium 2 v Algeria 1
    Portugal 2 v USA 2                                                                                    Russia 1 v South Korea 1
    Third Group Games:-                                                                                Going Home:-
    Spain 3 v Australia 0                                                                                 Spain
    Holland 2 v Chile 0                                                                                    Australia
    Mexico 0 v Croatia 0                                                                                  Croatia
    Brazil 0 v Cameroon 0                                                                               Cameroon
    Costa Rica 0 v England 0                                                                           England
    Uruguay 1 v Italy 0                                                                                    Italy
    Greece 2 v Ivory Coast 1                                                                           Ivory Coast
    Columbia 4 v Japan 1                                                                                Japan
    Argentina 3 v Nigeria 2                                                                             Bosnia
    Bosnia 3 v Iran 1                                                                                       Iran
    France 0 v Ecuador 0                                                                                 Ecuador
    Switzerland 3 v Honduras 0                                                                      Honduras
    Germany 1 v USA 0                                                                                    Ghana
    Portugal 2 v Ghana 1                                                                                 Portugal
    Algeria 1 V Russia 1                                                                                   South Korea
    Belgium 1 v South Korea 0                                                                        Russia
                                                                                                                        Costa Rica
    The Last Sixteen:-
                                             Saturday: Brazil 1 V Chile 1  Columbia 2 v Uruguay 0
                                                      (Brazil win 3-2 on pens)                                                 
                                             Sunday: Holland 2 v Mexico 1  -  Costa Rica 1 v Greece 1
                                                                                                 (Costa Rica win 5-3 on pens)
                                             Monday: France 2 v Nigeria 0  -  Germany 2 v Algeria 1
                                             Tuesday: Argentina 1 v Switzerland 0  -  Belgium 2 v USA 1
                                             Friday: Germany 1 v France 0  -  Brazil 2 v Columbia 1
                                             Saturday: Argentina 1 v Belgium 0  -  Holland 0 v Costa Rica 0
                                                                                                          (Holland win 4-3 on pens)
                                                                          Tuesday: Brazil 1 v Germany 7 (seven)
                                                                            Wednesday: Argentina 0 v Holland 0
                                                                                                (Argentina win 4-2 on pens)
    Humiliation Game:-
                                                                            Saturday: Holland 3 v Brazil 0
    World Cup Final:-
                                                                            Sunday: Germany 1 v Argentina 0
    World Champions: German
    Thread Rules:-
    1) No swearing or cursing before the watershed, that's 9pm UK time
    2) No drunken Brawls inside the thread, take it outside.
    3) No Puking in the Aisles
    4) iPhones are banned, all other gear welcome - it's personal
    5) Head-Fi'ers caught hoarding six-packs will be beer-raped at will
    6) The game is Football and not 'Soccer'... anyone caught talking about 'Soccer' will be tied to the post situated in the naughty corner and belched on during the match.
    7) There are toilets situated either side of the thread door, ffs use them especially before penalty shoot-outs
    8) DO NOT abuse Admin if you're drunk, you will regret it in the morrow... if they're pissed as well, feel free to carry-on.
    9) If you ain't got humour or think the ball is oval best jog-on you're in the wrong thread
    10) If it ain't your team... support the underdog.
    Enjoy & carry on regardless... [​IMG] 
  2. oqvist
    Brazil got the game by the referee not coping with the pressure I feel. I hope it won´t continue that way. Croatia looked good could easilly won this match. They had no trouble beating the Brazil defense.
    But it feels wide open honestly so many teams that can win it maybe even England. If not even England believe they will bring home the WC maybe they can play within their limits and have a bigger chance to a surprise win?  I am happy Sweden isn´t there we have such a godawful team now. Except Zlatan of course to bad he can´t play for Croatia in the WC so he don´t have to be surrounded by wooden legs. 
    New goal camera maybe it could be used to spot movie actions in the penalty box as well?
  3. xkonfuzed
    Well Spain got HUMILIATED by Netherlands 1-5 :D
  4. oqvist
    Yes what a melt down. But they will come back I am sure.
    Nice upset by Costa Rica on Uruguay also.
    Nice game Italy vs England. low pace due to the conditions but great anyhow. Should be a draw but no surprise Italy would win with their walking football.
  5. OK-Guy
    we could be out on Thursday our centre-midfield is too static... ffs they let an old-man control the game.
  6. oqvist
    To hot to run so I thought it was the right thing to do. They got the cramps anyway :)
  7. OK-Guy
    Pirlo was only trotting around... you could base an Opera around him, pure class and a joy to watch.
    in Italy's next game watch his movement off the ball, it's almost genius.
  8. wrathzombie
    Van Gaal will save United [​IMG]
  9. OK-Guy
    who's United?... ohhh you're on about West Ham United... [​IMG] 
  10. wrathzombie
  11. xkonfuzed
    Predictions for today's Germany vs Portugal match? 
    I'd say Germany will win 2-0 [​IMG] 
  12. wrathzombie
    Germany to loose.. Portugal are strong on the wing and I don't think centerbacks being used as fullbacks against pacy wingers is a good idea..
  13. OK-Guy
    did you forget about Lahm?., he'll snuff out Ronaldo on the right plus he'll be a big threat going forward... Germans to blitz this.
  14. wrathzombie
    I did not forget about Lahm, but due to injuries to Khadiera, Schweinstieger and Guardiola playing Lahm in Midfield for Munich. It seems Low also, wants Lahm playing in midfield.
    Also, Mertsacker and Hummels would start as Centerbacks. Boateng as right back and Howedes as left back. Incidentally, Boateng and Howedes are both central defenders hence I fancy Portugal.
  15. oqvist

    Always watch pirlo. More impressed with his pass game and split vision and his shot ☺
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