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World Cup 2014

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  1. rodweb
    I can't stop laughing at this.
  2. OK-Guy
  3. OK-Guy
    once more into the breach... C'mon England... [​IMG] 
  4. smial1966
    I'll watch the match tonight with mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety, as the English team always put their supporters through mental turmoil during the qualification stages of major tournaments.   
  5. oqvist
    It´s only Germany and Brazil that always seem to breeze through the qualification stages. For all the rest it´s always tight :)
    Will see how it goes England impressed more against Italy then Uruguay vs Costa Rica.
  6. Lenni
    C'mon England, for f sake! 
  7. rodweb
    Wow.. 1x0 Uruguay what a goal!
  8. smial1966
    Yet more anguish for us beleaguered England supporters. Ho hum.

  9. oqvist
    England is seriously lacking sharp shooters. 2-0 coming soon I am afraid.
  10. rodweb
    Finally, Rooney's goal!!
  11. oqvist
    What on earth is England doing? Sharshooter Suarez 2-1.
  12. smial1966
    Same old nonsense by the England team, what an almighty screw up! :mad:

  13. rodweb
    It was a good game. It seems England will go home soon too...
  14. oqvist
    No shame loosing to Uruguay though. Home field seem to mean a lot considering how well the south american teams are doing :)
  15. nigeljames
    No defence, erratic goalkeeper, over the hill Gerrard and vastly overrated Rooney...is anyone surprised we lost.
    I know I'm not.
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