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World Cup 2014

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  1. OK-Guy
    this game has had everything in a weird wonderful way... boredom, interest, intrigue, battling spirit and now... the suspense of penalty's... [​IMG]
  2. audionewbi
    Never carried for either side, watching it as a neutral observer.
  3. OK-Guy
    a-maz-zing... [​IMG]
    loving this World Cup... [​IMG] 
  4. Pudu
    Navas player of that game. He deserved that.

    Better match than the one earlier today.
  5. audionewbi
    In my hear i want Netherlands to win but performance wise it should be Columbia's world cup.

    but this is the most unpredictable game and this is why we all love it so much.

    hands down arguably best world cup.
  6. OK-Guy
    the Dutch are coasting this & just doing enough, against Spain they showed just how destructive & dangerous they are but have been limited since by Van Gaal's team tactics... think they might open up soon, hopefully.
  7. audionewbi
    The only thing that annoys me (and yes this is naive of me ) is that they dont play fair. But I guess that is what got them the win against Mexico. I love to see them on their A game, in my view how they played against Spain was just their B game. Spain was just not good.
    Excited about Algeria vs Germany, what I am more excited about colombia vs brazil. While Brazil has not played to the same level of the Brazil team of the pervious year Colombia has played some good football, I guess they were never really challenged previously but this time it will show who is the better team. If they win brazil it is safe to say they are going to win it. Not saying Brazil is the team to watch for this tournament but if for some strange reason Germany is not able to make it to the next round I think Colombia has got it in the bag. 
  8. OK-Guy
    the penalty was a iffy decision, Roben had two clear penalty shouts before that which were ignored by the Ref, if he cut out the theatricals he would get more... personally I think Holland deserved it but the penalty leaves a nasty taste.  
  9. oqvist
    Robben shouldn´t have a single penalty. He seeks out the legs all the time and at one point he actually swims in the penalty area fighting all he got to find a leg yet he fails! He even admit himself he did some movie acting :)
    I am not saying he is alone doing this by any means most strikers do it to some extent it´s in the movie direction genre football has developed the most. The players fall much nicer and more believable now. As soon as they realize they can´t find the goal if not sooner they are looking for the leg. With so few referees that is quite effective and there is no severr punishment for movie acting. Yes you can get a yellow but you should be able to suspend a player say 3 games for movie acting in penalty area after the game is over and the player is found guilty.  But I suppose FIFA feels that is undermining the referee but how can a referee see all when the movie acting is so good it takes several replays to see through it at times! Nobody can deny it changes the outcome of the game and it´s the offending teams that benefits!
    Then we also have all this old shirt and pants pulling. Bodypaint all players just let them run in some tight pants to get more woman to watch the game and with vaseline on so players can´t grap eachother easilly. Well the homophobia may prevent that already to some extent. It would make the ball slippery too and more goals as goalies will have a much harder time.
  10. audionewbi
    Worlds needs more Ronaldo, he was the only player who I saw that did not dive when he clearly had the right. For me the dream team for Brazil was what they had back in 2002. It will never be the same, that team was the team everyone looked up to. What a worldcup that was. Honestly since 2002 it is the only I got excited about world cup. To me Colombia of this year world cup is what Brazil of 2002 was for me. In my heart I want the Orange Army to win but we all know colombia played the best football so far. 
    If I was to summarize this world cup with one world it would be unpredictable. 
  11. nigeljames
    If that's the case then he as certainly changed, because he was the biggest diver in the Premier League when playing for Man Utd.
    You could count on it whenever Man Utd were struggling.
  12. audionewbi
    No I am talking about the Original Ronaldo, 
  13. PalJoey
    Colombia seem to be winning over a lot of neutrals, and you can see why. Very watchable Football.

    Germany have been good, but I don't know if there's more to come from them or not.

    Brazil are relying a lot on the Limahl tribute act Neymar, but in the second half of that last game, some of the other players seemed to lift thir game a little. Still not impressed by them, though.
  14. audionewbi
    What Neymar has on tactics lacks on experience. He had so many chances of conversion but he just couldn't finish it.
    It would be a shock of the world cup of the Germans loss, but boy imagine they loss this would make it one exciting world cup.
  15. nigeljames
    Oops sorry...and you are right about Brazilian Ronaldo definitely did not dive.
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