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World Cup 2014

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  1. oqvist
    Come on Argentina stop the pain :)
  2. leogodoy
    Argentina and Brazil are on the same routine: Not playing well, but going on. I think the final of my dreams will not become a reality, at least one of them is bound to lose on the next round or at the semifinals.
  3. oqvist
    Are you hoping for Brazil-Argentina or was you just hoping Argentina would have lost already :)
    It´s been really odd. The matches has been totally unpredictable but the results had been 100 % predictable so far. If it continues it´s bye bye US tonight by probably a penalty shootout :p
  4. leogodoy
    I really want Argentina to reach the final, Messi deserves a WC title. It may seem odd coming from a brazilian, but I would like to see Argentina reach the final against Brazil. Then it is fair game, I'll be pleased either way.
  5. Lenni
    GO USA!!!
  6. PalJoey
    Watching the match on BBC and following @usasoccerguy on Twitter. The latter 'Americanises' all the commentary. Funny guy.
  7. SunTanScanMan
    Belgium-USA - Very exciting game at the moment. Belgium look dangerous in phases, but USA are totally fearless.
  8. PalJoey
    Good stuff from both teams. Goalkeeping very sound at each end, too.
  9. glunteer
    Go U.S.A !
  10. PalJoey
    Belgium getting more on top, but USA still making decent breaks on the counterattack. Good game this!
  11. oqvist
    Belgium is totally superior. Just hope USA don´t steal the match by some lucky goal.
  12. PalJoey
    Extra time, and both teams must be knackered.
  13. oqvist
    Not Lukaku nice kangaroo jumps after the goal :)
  14. audionewbi
    Come on US.
  15. PalJoey
    This is breathless stuff!
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