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World Cup 2014

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  1. OK-Guy
    Algeria v Germany great game... extra time... [​IMG]
  2. oqvist
    Neuer must be the most offensive goalie since Higuita 
  3. xkonfuzed
    Algeria is putting up a tough fight.
  4. audionewbi
  5. OK-Guy
    what  a great game... superlatives cannot describe this World Cup... [​IMG]
  6. PalJoey
    One hell of a tournament. Unfortunately, it will also provide a wave of goodwill that Blatter can ride 'til the next re-election.
  7. oqvist
    I don´t think the tournament is all that great. The heat is killing the game then imagine how much worse it will be in Qatar.  Luckily the matches are intense though so far but it´s the worst WC since as long I can remember. A l
    Sepp Blatter sits quite safe. Everybody know how he got his position. It was not due to being more popular or having better credentials then the UEFA president for example :wink:
  8. OK-Guy
    Platini is just as bent as that parasite Blatter, nothing like a bit of scratch my back, read on...
    Platini says he always told the Qataris he would vote for them, but told them the World Cup should be in the winter. He argues that, contrary to the protests from the Premier League, Bundesliga and others, leagues can reschedule that year to accommodate it.
    Yet the Qatari vote is widely seen as Fifa bowing to money, with Platini cast in some coverage as too entangled in Qatari influence. Famously, he attended a lunch at the Elysée Palace with France's then president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Qatari royalty. After that, he voted for Qatar, the Qataris bought PSG, whom Sarkozy supports, and concluded major trade deals with France. Then Platini's son, Laurent, a lawyer, was recruited as the chief executive of Burdda, a Qatari-owned sports kit company.
    nothing suspect here obviously... [​IMG] 
  9. oqvist
    Well it was Lennart Johansson that stood against Sepp Blatter.  Michel Platini was his replacement.
    Got to hate capitalism just ruins everything with greed :frowning2:
  10. xkonfuzed
    The next World Cup HAS to be during the winter. In summer it will be near impossible for people who aren't used to these temperatures to play. I live in Kuwait (very near Qatar) and these days the temperature averages at 50*Celsius (no that's not a typo). And it goes higher during the afternoon.
  11. oqvist
    Maybe they can have some insane intercoolers in the stadiums. My brother lives and works in Dubai but I suppose that is cool compared to Qatar.
    But seriously the world cup should not be allowed to play there. Why would it? It´s just the money going in the wrong pockets speaking.
  12. OK-Guy
    if there is any justice for football fans worldwide, the whole process of how the World Cups was awarded to both Moscow & Qatar should revealed. The report into bribery is due later this month, the Dutch & English FA's have said the won't back Blatter at the next election, Platini (EUFA) has been more or less forced to withdraw support for Blatter because of their stance over FIFA's corrupt practises (before World Cup started he was supporting him).
    For the sake of football the whole process of bidding should be clear & transparent and not be held behind closed doors, FIFA should be forced to move from Switzerland so it can no longer hide behind that country's laws... Blatter has long been seen as corrupt in England, the sooner this despicable man  & his cronies are hounded out of football the better.... the game should be returned to the fans and not be seen as some form of plaything for the rich.
  13. Ultrainferno
    wait, no one is supporting Belgium tonight? [​IMG]
  14. PalJoey

    Looking forward to that match. Belgium have some superb individual players, who sometimes work well as a team. USA have fewer stars, but a great team ethic.
  15. oqvist
    There was proof of bribed african delegates when he won the election for FIFA president so yes. But it´s the same in IOC and in F1 they are all very closed societys wonder why if they have nothing to hide...
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