WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

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  1. kyle1010
    No prob! Are you talking about the Yggy breaking in or warming up? I listened to it with the Ragnarok later in the day so it had been running for at least 6hrs straight. That and I'm pretty sure Schiit doesn't pull out a brand new one for every trade show cuz then they couldn't sell it later as new. But yeah I can definitely see Bifrost multibit being more detailed than Mojo. Mojo is a smooth and forgiving dac that would totally sound veiled on HD800s. It doesn't play nice with super revealing cans. Hugo 2 does though. It's by far better than the first Hugo. I know it's small and portable but there's a reason it goes for its $2200 price tag. Size means nothing..the technology in its dac and filter implementation is a cut above the rest. Hugo 2's forum is full of q&a from its creator Rob Watts. It sounds dangerously close to Chord Dave when I did an AB comparison side by side. Anyway, I'd definitely audition it before you go Yggy.

    If you love the HD800 sound I'd go Utopia. They're a clear step up but similar presentation since they're dynamic drivers. Also warmer than HD800s so pretty much exactly what you want. But yeah IMO the LCD-4s, Abyss Phi, and Sennheiser HE-1 are the only cans that beat the Utopias. The only reason I say that is those other ones do that 3D holographic out of your head imaging thing way better cuz they're planars and stats with much bigger and lighter drivers. The Utopias have a perfectly coherent sound that kinda all hits your ears at once..like a wall of gorgeous sound..whereas the others sound like the music is imaged all around you in 3D and I love that. Utopias are more of a super detailed easy listen like HE1000s but more dynamic, and those other ones are trying to rock your world with their capabilities.
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  2. Galm
    Again I really appreciate your replies.

    Dang, I love imaging too though... I love the HD800 soundstage being so huge. Its why I probably wont sell them?

    For the Yggy I more meant warm up time is one week, not break in.

    So your input helps a lot having tried so much.
  3. benzfong
    Hello guys,

    I m have a cdm n wa7/tp. I m thinking if I used cdm as a Dac n wa7 as an amp is it good ? Pls advise. Thks.
  4. Rotten Apple
    Yes the i4's look great. I received a call from my dealer (audio) and he said that Id be receiving them in the second week of June. I'm on the list. I agree that the Mojo might not be up to the job but that's what I have. But I also own the iSine 20's so it looks like they will be my iPhone's best friend with the built in cipher cable. I actually like the sound from the cable as it provides plenty of power and has been expertly tuned. Win-win for me.

    With respect to using the Moon as a Dac and relegating the wa7's to do the rest, yes that is very doable. I'm spending the 2500 bucks on the headphones what's another *cough* 1299 Canadian before negotiating.

    Thanks for insights bud.

  5. benzfong
    Sorry, what is moon you all referring to?
  6. benzfong
    Hope you call can advise me the cdm or the wa7 g1 dac is better ?
  7. mpbrada
    Hi All,

    I am having trouble with my WA7 Fireflies gen 1 amp communicating with my laptop that is now running MacOS 10.12.5 (Sierra). On Wednesday, when I was running the older version of the MacOS (10.11.x (El Capitan)), I had no problems with the amp. However, now that I am running Sierra I have found that the amp will not show up in Audio MIDI Setup, which means I can’t use it, of course. My computer is a mid 2014 MacBook Pro.

    I have done a large amount of troubleshooting over the past couple of days and have found the following (in no particular order).

    1. I know the USB cable is fine, for several reasons. For instance, I can see the amp using 'About This Mac -> System Report… -> USB,’ so I know the system can see the DAC chip with my current USB cable.

    2. When I connected a different computer running El Capitan to the identical desktop set up, I was able to see the amp in Audio MIDI Setup. To me this can only mean that the problem is related to the specific communication between my DAC chip and Sierra.

    3. Just to be thorough, I’ve tried a number of different computers running Sierra and have found the behavior of the system to be the same, which is to say I can see the amp on the About This Mac->System Report…->USB but I cannot see it on Audio MIDI Setup.

    4. I’ve also tried a number of different connection scenarios (running the USB cable straight to the laptop on both ports, running different USB cables, using my powered USB hub, etc.) and in every case I have seen the same behavior for the amp.

    5. When I took my laptop home and connected to my WDS-1 there, it worked perfectly with no issues at all.

    6. Before I started any of the above I did all of the resetting of NVRAM and CMS and suchlike that are recommended on the Mac forums.

    So, at this point I really think there is some issue between the communication between my amp and the laptop that is related to Sierra. I spoke with Mike Liang from Woo yesterday, and he told me that they have not seen this issue, so I’m feeling a bit stuck here. My amp is useless to me at the moment. Any help that you could offer would be appreciated.
  8. mpbrada
    Hm...'New Head-Fier.' How quaint. I guess I haven't logged in for a while.
  9. AD67
    I bought my wa7 a month ago and now one of the valves is not as bright as the other one - its nearly completely dark but I can sense heat coming from it. I switched valves with another pair I have and I still have the same problem. The sound is not affected as much as I can tell. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  10. HiFiGuy528
    It may be a bad LED under the valve. Send a couple of good quality pictures to info@wooaudio.com for further assistance.
  11. AD67
    Hi Mike

    I sent an email with an attached pic of this morning....the problem occurs to both sets of valves I have....even though I have really been using only one set...so I'm not sure is its a valve issue....
  12. EdmontonCanuck
    There are LED's under the tubes that provide the orange "glow". One of them is likely faulty and not "glowing" as brightly as the other one. These LED's do not affect the tube operation at all and hence don't affect the sound quality. It's simply an "aesthetic" touch.
  13. jmills8
    Hello, how would my TH900 sound with this ? Thanks, JMills8.
  14. Lucas_ob
    Same of you
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  15. klaha81

    I am having the same issues as well...after updating to a recent build of MacOS 10.12.5

    When i plug it direct into the usb port of the macbook pro, its not being detected as speaker.

    It only works when i plug it into the back of my monitor which is connected via thunderbolt to my macbook pro which has a usb hub. However even that poses a problem as..

    1) It only allows me to choose an output of 44100 and 48000.

    2) It only outputs audio for a few minutes, after which it fails to output any sound and i have to restart my macbook to get it to work again (although for a few minutes again)

    I have tried the following

    - inserting into another powered hub (failed to detect)
    - running it on another notebook (detects)
    - change usb cable (doesn't detect)
    - reset pram and smc (doesn't detect after restart)
    - flashed my Sierra (doesn't detect after that)

    For now i have a paperweight sitting on the top of my desk, does anyone else face the same issue? Does woo audio have any solution for this?

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