WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

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  1. George Chronis
    FWIW I plugged mine in, in a different laptop (MacBook Air) and then it showed up as Speakers in the sound outputs. Then I plugged them back in to the MacBook and they showed up there as well. I didn't change anything, so not sure what's up. Told info@wooaudio as well and they had no explanation either. May be worth a try.
  2. Kneel2Galvatron
    Interested in the wa7 gen 2. Will it smooth out grado headphones? How is the dac overall? Looking for a tube amp to add a little warmth to my grado gh2 headphones and tame the treble a bit.
  3. Galm
    I would say so, depending on the tubes it can add some warmth and tone down the treble.

    The CBS Hytron tubes add the most bass thump. Pm me if your interested in the WA7 I'm getting rid of mine soon unfortunately. I can answer specific questions.

    I have the WA7 duos 2nd gen with CBS Hytron red labels actually.

    I really loved this amp but need to consolidate my stuff.
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  4. Leigh Quigg
    Hello guys, new and a noob to all this headphone stuff, Got myself a wa7 on impulse mainly because of it's beautiful style. This is my first headphone amp and my first tube amp. It's a gen 1 but im using my peachtree nova150 as a preamp and it has the same sabre dac as the gen2. Now I cant even get this thing to work when I try usb mode nothing pops up in windows 10, tried the drivers from woo.com and the keep saying connect CMEDIA usb2.0, also when I have the usb cable connected I get a lot of computer noise come through the wa7 like mouse movement and when my gpus are in action the noise is god awful. So I'm using a spidf to my nova150 then rca to wa7. Still would like to try usb mode so any tips would be nice.

    Now for sound, I would like it to be a bit more detailed and more separation so any tube upgrade recommendations would be nice as well. I have the tube psu on its way, hope this helps. Also im using lcd 3's.

    But WOW this thing is really beautiful.[​IMG]
  5. Leigh Quigg
    Hey guys sorry have to bump this thread, I still can not get the wa7 gen 1 to even recognize the usb input into my windows 10 pc. I tried a usb 2.0 hub and still no dice. Also when the usb is connected, I get a horrible tick tick sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm falling out of love with this product fast, I also have a led light that turns off some times and the rca inputs feel loose when connected. Also the button for the wa7tp feels very loose.

    I could forgive these things if I could just get usb mode to work.
  6. Galm
    Have you contacted Woo about any of this? The loose button on the TP is normal (or at least the same as mine) but that other stuff sounds like RMA material.
  7. Leigh Quigg
    Hello, Sadly I bought the wa7 second hand off ebay, I got the tp brand new. I contacted them about the led light and they wanted $70 us to fix it. But im in Australia so all up with return shipping it would be around $300 us (thats a fair bit of money for one led light). Still have to contact them about the windows 10 support, at first I thought I could solve it myself thinking it was drivers, But now I suspect its the wa7 at fault.

    RCA mode works fine (apart from having a loose connection, it's the wa7 at fault, my rca cables fit tight with every other device I have.)
    The cheapest thing I can do is try and forget my ocd and enjoy the wa7 in rca mode:L3000:. And just hope the led light does not turn off too much.
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  8. groovyd
    yeah the leds are problematic. a lot of peoples leds did the same, even mine. i think it has to do with cold solder joint cracking over time with the tube heat cycling. returning it to them is also always a big expense every time i have done it. almost better to just get the right driver to open up the unit yourself and re-solder it.
  9. Leigh Quigg
    Thanks for the info on the led, yeah the led problem seems to happen when the wa7 has been on for some time.

    After reading a large chunk of this thread and the dac, tube shootout thread, I got some mullard 4003's, and I can say WOW I am really happy with the sound now. Also have some cbs hytron's on the way. So thanks guys for doing some research on tube upgrades, it was a big help.

    I'm new to this tube stuff and first thought the tp and tube upgrades would be placebo bs. But I now know it's not.
  10. Zomgnoob
    Hello WA7 owners! Im kind of new to this audiophile phrase and Im just amazed at the structure of the WA7 amps. Im almost pulling the trigger to buying it, but i was wondering if you could help answer some of my queries!
    Im looking to buy my first ever amp (and maybe last ever) to power some of my gear. For now, I have a set of HD800s and a UE CIEM with a mojo dac.

    As of right now, im kind of at a loss of what type of amp to get for my HD800s since i heard that solid state were the base line amps or your 'first go to amp' whereas tube amps are usually gotten as an side upgrade to the solid state amps, do you guys feel that having the WA7 would be a good final amp to stop at?

    Also, I've been looking to buy the wa7 hugely hugely due to its aesthetic built and sound quality, however I was wondering if the DAC of the WA7 could easily beat the one of the mojo when coupled with the HD800s? And if it does not, should i just get the other series of the Woo audio amp line?

  11. Galm
    What's your budget? Are you looking at the duo or single?

    The dac section is just a Sabre 9018. It's got the typical qualities of that chips. As someone who owned the duos, you're paying quite a lot for how good it looks. If performance is your thing there are better amps. I have a Ragnarok right now that is significantly better. But that doesn't mean tube amps in general are worse, there are amazing tube amps out there including from Woo.
  12. Zomgnoob
    Ohh, i figured.. i cant deny how beautiful the wa7 duo is though! My budget is pretty wishywashy right now but i wouldnt go over 1.4-1.5.. Especially with me living in aus, many products are pricer over here :frowning2:.
    Im kind of looking at the cayin idac and iha6 combo that is pretty reasonably priced (~1200) but my decision changes everyday haha! I guess i'll put the idea of getting the wa7 duos in the backseat for now and try for greater practical amps..
  13. Galm
    Wow uh... weird side turn... But I actually still have my Cayin iDac-6 if you wanted to buy one used... No idea how that'll convert with currency and shipping but I was planning on relisting it soon... (I was using HD800s + WA7 duos + a Cayin iDac-6 for a while because HD800 liked warm dacs, now it's Yggy, Raggy, Utopia though)

    Anyway back on topic I've heard good things about the Cayin IHA-6. And if I was picking an amp in that budget I'd probably shoot for something used. A used Ragnarok is like 1200 in the U.S.. A Valhalla 2 should be cheaper.
  14. Zomgnoob
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, you have like my (current) dream setup then? Im also not sure how you would price your cayins haha, the shippings probably going to be a bomb, so far the current one i saw is 600 brand new. I'll pm ya in private this this is going a bit off-topic for the wa7s :)
  15. floppiness
    Have my WA7 with the tube power supply up for sale if anyone is interested? Also have a pair of CBS Hytron JHY 5814 for the tube power supply.

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