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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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    Here's is a question for you . Given this is a custom option , why not go for balance in and out like the WA22 is.

    To me this makes sense. Balance mono blocks now that is custom.

    Al. D
  2. Frank I
    I thonk SO maty even be a WA234 kind of guy[​IMG]
    I'm thinking of becoming one.
  4. Silent One
    Actually, I was in negotiations with Jack and on point to become one of the first owners of the WA234. In all Black cladding too, not Black with Silver accent. But ultimately decided to buy Shindo Laboratory gear instead, with WA5 monos to follow at a later date. 
    Based on current gears inside the room, the WA5 would be a more valuable addition for me. 
  5. Frank I

    Al you gonna love this amplifier
    I am sure , I plan on listening to it very much in an evaluation . I do have some questions that we can discuss in person about the amp.
    How is the dac evaluation going. .?

    Al D
  7. Frank I
    The dac I listened to for most of the day today and for 1150.00 it performs exceptionally well.  I still need more hours to really get the total picture but it certainly sound musical.
    May I ask do use a off ramp or Audiophilleo with the USB dac
  9. Frank I
    I am using an iMac and use Amara and Aurdirvaqna software with the MAC for music files. I use aurdirvana for flac and wave and dsd files. I use my Oppo units mostly for regular playback and have not tried using th dac yet  with the Oppo transport which I will.
    Ok cool.

    Al D
  11. magiccabbage
    is it the woo DAC?
  12. Frank I
  13. magiccabbage
    Have you got anything else there to compare it to like WFSD2 or V800? 
  14. Frank I
    The nobly other dac I hav wis the oppo BDP 105 dac which i use also for computer files
  15. Frank I
    The project we are doing with this comparison will be for the new Woo website. You will be able to click on any two Woo products compare them side by side. The comparisons will also be a page that will have every headphone listed so every customer will  be able to see what amplifiers are compatible with any particular headphone. I wi be posting the link when this project is completed and the Woo website has been updated. The anticipated time frame for this all to be fully functional is February of 2014.   Keep you eyes open for the scheduled announcement of the new Woo website for when it is announced.
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