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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. Dubstep Girl
  2. loveislove
    Subscribed. Just bought the WA22. 
  3. ardilla
    Great! For which cans?
  4. loveislove
    HD800 from Sennheiser. Generally a very good combo. But currently it sound a little noisy, especially on the right side. Maybe something's wrong with the power cord?
  5. Dubstep Girl
    might be a tube
  6. Z06_Pilot
    Also, make sure you don't have any devices that can emit EMI near the WA22.  Not sure if this is your first tube amp or not, but valve devices are very touchy in this area.
    I was getting static and strange noises with mine until I realized I plug in my cell phone right next to the WA22 in my office.  moved it to the other side of the desk and all is well.
    I have had two Woo amps and they are absolutely dead quiet, so as DG mentioned, you might have a tube issue or EMI.
    Enjoy the amp.  This is indeed a fantastic companion to the HD800's...seriously warms them up!
    I can tell one more , but you may know it already but worth saying anyway. They are extremely sensitive to vibration , do not hit ,drop ,touch ever while listening. Also they must warm up for at least ten minutes before you start listening as the tubes may PING and this hurts too. Great amp. The best synergy I ever heard with the HD 800. , and any other headphone as well . Aside from the HE6 of course .

    Al d
  8. ardilla
    I kind of like the HE6 with the WA22. It has lots of charm. Not the last word on speed for the HE6 maybe, but still - I was very surprised how good it sounded. I guess it is quite tube dependent - I used VT231, 5998, GZ34 :)
    It is clear and I am glad you enjoy it, and I am happy for you. Great choice of amp. Woo amps are just Stella in looks and sound .
    Hello all , I hope your holidays have gone well.

    I am putting up for sale a woo audio WA7. All black both base and GLASS. I have both sets of tubes , the stock and upgrades. Used about 24 hours at most . So like new. I have original packing . Pics on request.

    Please pm me with offers.

    Thanks. Al. D
  11. grmnasasin0227
    Just thought I'd bump this thread, as I was looking forward to these reviews...is there any word, Frank?
  12. dsd-7
  13. HiFiGuy528
    Check the input cables.  Switch from left to right to see if the noise moves to the left side.  Also try swapping the tubes from left to right as well.  Please email us at info@wooaudio.com or PM me if you need guidance.  
  14. BirdManOfCT

    I had/have a similar problem with my WA7. Could only move my phone a couple more inches, put a cable modem between them, got rid of most of the interference. Occasionally, I'll hear it (maybe when email pushed to phone?) It also seems to have improved with more burn-in. It did make for an easy way to check my channels -- wave my phone over tubes and listen to the interference follow the phone across the soundstage. Alas, no crossfeed. :wink:
  15. HiFiGuy528
    Cell phones have strong radio frequency emission so it's not uncommon to have EMI.  I have speakers that would buzz and make radio transmission noises if I place my iPhone on it. 
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