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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)

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  1. Rubin
    Thanks for hosting us @AdamAtAdvance and to everyone who was able to make it. It was fun getting to meet you guys and to try a bunch of new gear! Hope we'll be able to arrange another meet before too long.
  2. AdamAtAdvance
    Thanks again to everyone for coming out and lugging all that gear! It was also neat to see a couple of new faces and really cool of @-iKa- to grab his analyzer to confirm some oddities that we were hearing. I can't wait to do another one!
  3. zoobabwa
    The meet was great, can't wait until the next one!
  4. Awah
    @-iKa- I wonder if that treble bump 1k - 1.5k is what bothered me when listening to the Clears. I had to lower the treble a few dB to enjoy them.

    I've also ordered Schiit's USB 5.0 upgrade so hopefully my Bifrost DAC is up and running next week!
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  5. -iKa-
    @Awah that's definitely possible, wearing them backwards also decreased said 1-1.5k bump, which makes wearing them backwards somewhat viable if you're willing to deal with the different soundstage that produces.
  6. Armaegis
    So I got myself a set of Verum 1's through some trade shenanigans. If anyone's interested in hearing them, give me a shout.
  7. Leftbehind
    That's awesome. How are they ?
  8. Armaegis
    Very impressed so far. Incredibly smooth FR, a little soft on bass impact and top end shine, but super wide soundstage. I was a little skeptical of the headband design at first, but I really like it after using it.
  9. zoobabwa
    Those seem really cool, I'd definitely like hear them sometime!
  10. Armaegis
    Just shoot me a pm. We can arrange a time to meet.
  11. rifi
    Hi All, Checking in to see if there is interest in a meet sometime in the fall. My wife and I are finally settled into our new place and I now finally have space to host a meet! I know it's a ways away but maybe if we start organizing a date this early we can find a time that suits everyone. I am also thinking I might invite people to bring speakers or other non-headphone 2-channel gear. I can set up headphone gear in the basement/garage and speakers, amps, phono stages, streamers, etc. in my main listening area. Happy to start spit-balling dates and ideas. cheers.
    Rubin likes this.
  12. Velomane
    Work permitting, I'd be happy to attend. Where are you, Petersfield? As a shift worker, I'll wait to see where this goes. What time were you thinking, rifi?
  13. -iKa-
    I'd definitely be interested, depending on the time I might be a little busy with school but I'm sure I could make some time.
  14. zoobabwa
    I'd be interested! I'll keep my eye on the thread
  15. rifi
    Thanks for the quick responses. I am pretty open right now. I was just interested in seeing if people were willing to consider a meet in the fall. As it stands, I am pretty open to dates and times. for feedback on possible meet options here once I have narrowed down the two most favoured times I will post them here and get final comments. @Velomane I am in Sargent Park on Valour.
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