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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)

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  1. AdamAtAdvance
    This is all great guys! I’m trying to decide which weekend is best. I’m thinking either Saturday, April 27 or March 4.

    I’ve been given some money for food so I’ll take some suggestions. It should be BBQ weather by then so I can grill some things.

    And for gear, if there’s something that I can borrow from a supplier that I don’t already have just let me know. I have some HD 820 coming, I already have everything Focal, we just brought in another batch of Pro-Ject Prebox S2, B&W P9
  2. rifi
    @AdamAtAdvance , did you meany May 4th? Both dates work for me! As for food, I'm not picky. Crossing fingers for BBQ weather.
  3. Armaegis
    Saturdays are perpetually busy for me as I have work both in the afternoon and evening, but have a small window right in between.
    If I had to pick one, April 27th is just slightly better for me.
  4. acidbasement
    Cool beans! If I'm in town I'll be there. Thanks Adam.
  5. Viper2005
    I’ll definitely try to make it if I can!
  6. zoobabwa
    Hey! Yea I'm down for a Saturday meet! Any Saturday works for me.
    My browser signed me out and I didn't notice for a while lol.

    I have a few new additions that I could bring too:
    Audeze Mobius
    Radsone Earstudio ES100
    2.5mm balanced iem cable (mmcx)
    2.5mm balanced adapter for ADI-2 PRO
  7. Velomane
    Dear comrades, what's the latest with our meet?
  8. Armaegis
  9. Leftbehind
    Let me know when a date is chosen. I'm free any weekend in April and many in May. As far as headphone, I only have the Elear at the moment. In the market for something new soon though. I doubt people are too much into IEMs but I have a universal UERM and a universal Fitear 335DW as well.

    Also a v30, which now goes for 200$ on eBay making it probably the best budget DAP out there.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  10. Rubin
    I didn't get any notifications for this thread in a while so I checked in and found I'm way behind!

    I'm pretty sure I can go on Apr 27. I have a Focal Clear (+Dekoni fenestrated pads), ifi iDSD micro BL, AQ DragonFly Red. Been toying with the idea of selling everything and getting some Stax or something non headphone related.
  11. AdamAtAdvance
    Sorry for the delay in response guys. I have May 4th all booked but may be able to do April 27th if that will accommodate everyone. I'm still waiting for our HD 820 and B&W P9 to show up but 2 weeks should be enough time.

    Who can't make it for May 4th?
  12. Rubin
    I could probably go either day.
  13. Armaegis
    No preference for me, as I work both days. I'd come poke my head for a short bit in the early evening depending what time the meet is.
  14. AdamAtAdvance
    Hi everyone. The meet up has to be May 4th. We'll go from 1 - 5pm and I'll get some refreshments going. We'll do dogs on the BBQ here at the store and I'll have some other snacks and drinks. Sorry, no alcohol. If there are any special requests, please let me know. And please RSVP here just so I know how much food to get.

  15. ecwl
    Sure. I'll probably be able to make it for May 4.
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