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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)

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  1. cyberidd
    Is there anyone interested in a Winnipeg meet some time this summer? It would be cool if we could set something up and test some gear!
  2. Pincher
    Did anything happen?
  3. mythless
    I don't think there are lots of WPG members here on headfi.
  4. cyberidd
    I'd still be up for a Winnipeg meet if there are other people who would be interested in one.
  5. mythless
    I would be interested if there were more people, lol.
  6. HeyItsBattleKid
    I'm in the Fargo area right now. Not sure if I will be during this summer. Definitely would like to give a meet a try though. Lets get some more people!
  7. mythless
    Would be nice to see a small get together.
  8. HeyItsBattleKid
    Should we get an equipment list going you think? Maybe that would spark some more interest.

    Its a shame cause I don't know what other big areas would be able to make it. Minneapolis is probably the next biggest area, but thats about an 8 hour drive I would think. Unless we want to try centralizing it more. I guess it really depends on what benefits we could get from including more of the Minnesota and North Dakota area.
  9. mythless
    Very true. As far as equipment goes, all I have is a small collection of portable IEMs and headphones lol...
  10. HeyItsBattleKid
    Well, I'll try to keep a tab for what everyone has. I'll just start with myself and try updating as people feel to add their collections.

    JVC RX900
    Monster Turbine
    JVC Marshmallows

    (On the way):
    Audio Technica ES7
    Ultrasone HFI-580

    (hoping also for either a Denon D1001 or M-Audio Q40, and an Audio Technica AD700)

    I know I don't have much of a setup, but I hope to keep it growing soon enough. I'll add others to the list as you guys make mention of them or just tell me to grab from what in your sig. Which reminds me, I should probably update my empty sig [​IMG]

    Mythless: You have lots of stuff I've been really wanting to try out for a while! Just let me know what you're going to include and I'll try to make a better organized list than what I started.

    The List:

    Monster Turbine
    JVC Marshmallows
    Hifiman RE-0
    Nuforce NE-7M
    Altec Lansing IM-716
    SoundMagic PL50
    Hifiman RE-252
    Klipsch S4

    JVC RX900
    Audio Technica ES7
    Ultrasone HFI-580
    Koss PortaPro
    Alessandro MS1i

    Fiio E5

  11. mythless
    haha I can bring them all, I am sure they can all fit into a shoe box lol
  12. mythless
    Shameless bump, any winnipeggers alive here?
  13. Armaegis
    I'm interested.

    headphones: Koss KSC 75, Sennheiser PX 100, JBL Ref 410, Grado 80, Shure SRH 840
    amp: FiiO E5
    dac: HotAudio DacDestroyer, Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro, Focusrite Saffire 6 USB (can do balanced TRS as well)
    dap: Sansa Clip+
  14. hotaudio40
    I'd be interested....

    But it is now 2010...

    I wonder how many Winnipeg people are on here....
  15. mythless
    lol probably enough to do a small meet
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