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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)

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  1. justb2
    May 4th is the only day? I'm traveling that day and probably won't make it... Any chance we could push it back a week or 2?
  2. rifi
    May 4th would work for me. If anyone is interested I can bring a headless Raspberry Pi running Volumio. @AdamAtAdvance I would need access to the wifi at Advance to make it all work (an Ethernet connection for initial set up would make it even easier). Let me know if anyone is interested. Happy to bring my DIY Symphones V7 for anyone to A/B against any of Advance's current offerings as well.
  3. zoobabwa
    May 4th sounds good to me, I'll be there!
  4. Viper2005
    I will be there for the 4th!
  5. zoobabwa
    I like IEMs! I'd definitely try those out if they make an appearance.
  6. Rubin
    I should be able to go as well. Thanks, Adam!
  7. Armaegis
    Darn, I don't finish work until 4:30pm. You guys have fun!
  8. -iKa-
    I'll be able to make it for may 4th
  9. AdamAtAdvance
    Looks to be a good showing! The store will be open until 6pm for those that want to hang out that long. I will be here until 6pm as well. I just have to wrap up the food portion for 4pm so if you guys want to stay until 6pm, go for it!
  10. bearFNF Contributor
    I will try to make it there.
  11. AdamAtAdvance
    Hi guys,

    Slight change logistically here as we're undergoing renovations. We'll be set up downstairs in our custom install division. We have a boardroom that will be great for multiple setups and a large common area that I'll set up some tables and power.

    when you come in just mention that you're here for the headphone meetup and they'll show you the way. I'm looking forward to this!
  12. zoobabwa
    Sounds good Adam, see you all soon!
  13. -iKa-
    Thanks for hosting today Adam! it was nice to see everyone again and try out a ton of new gear. I've included all the measurements I took today here:
    As always with EARS measurements, the EARS has its own flaws that show up in the treble, so there will always be a spike ~4.5K and a dip leading into it.
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
    Rubin likes this.
  14. Armaegis
    Hey guys, how did it go today?
    edit: oh weird, I didn't see Ika's post above mine
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  15. rifi
    I second @-iKa- and want to thank @AdamAtAdvance for putting on a nice event yesterday. I got to meet a few local Head-fiers that haven't been out to a meet in a while. If I can get my act together, maybe my new place will be ready for a meet sometime this fall!
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