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Windows Media Player video quality.. stunning??

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by sonci, Oct 18, 2010.
  1. FallenAngel Contributor
    x264 seems most commonly used, I think.
  2. s1rrah


    Don't really know about your stated config I will say that Windows Media Player, though having no other duty on my computer, *IS* my go to DVD player; that said, I use it in conjunction with the Nvidia Pure Video DVD codec and so, in reality, it's the Nvidia codec that looks/sounds so good. I've been using it for a long time and have never thought of changing.
  3. Mad Max


    Thanks, I'll look into it.
  4. Squa7ch

  5. NguyenAdam
    Media player classic = win
  6. Enthusia
    You guys need to get CCCP.
  7. FallenAngel Contributor
    Although I like CCCP and use, I've had enough video/audio sync issues that I'm not going to recommend it.
  8. Squa7ch
    I usually install DivX + Klite, been using it for years...works fine for everything I need.
  9. Mad Max


    That's why you need Reclock.
    I stopped using CCCP a very long time ago.
  10. Enthusia
    I use CCCP and reclock...

  11. ninjikiran
    I prefer MPC-HC over WMP as well, but I don't like VLC.  The colors are completely washed out unless you enable video RGB-Full on your video card.  And even if you do it makes the image a little too dark over washed out.
    Only benefit of VLC is on demand viewing of any content that doesn't work on other players.  So its good to have in case of emergencies but otherwise I would never use it as my main player.  VLC is also good if you want to quickly view dvd's of other regions without any work.
    WMP and MPC both support just about everything.  Problem with WMP is it doesn't have any real backend settings or rendering configuration.  In fact WMP sucks heavily in that regard, MPC-HC is much much better.
  12. Meliphcient
    Does anyone have a good test video they use when comparing settings? And what would you guys suggest for Blu-ray playback?
    I've been using VLC because of its ease of use, but I'm finally willing to spend some time and configure things up for maximum quality. 
  13. Squa7ch
    I've been using PowerDVD since I bought my Blu-ray drive...works better than anything else I've tried by far.
  14. shimm

    AVS HD 709 - Blu-ray, HD DVD, & MP4 Calibration
    Better choise for BD/DVD playback is [​IMG] Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre 3 now. If your HTPC is HDCP compatible of course. TMT3 allows playback from HDD (PDVD doesn't). With disk mode it provides untouched PVP video stream through videodriver - it's not possible to get better quality from HTPC now. 
    If you have no modern AVR with HDMI 1.3/4, you may use free MPC-HC for "disks" and "files". In this case CyberLink PDVD 10 codec seems like best choise for HD video. With ATI card I prefer HAM profile (ATI Stream technology). For "small" video ffdshow H.264/xvid & madVR provide better possible quality. Hope it helps.
  15. ninjikiran
    Yea I got core codec for $5 to use with CUDA.  My larger files were shakey on default codecs.

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