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Windows Media Player video quality.. stunning??

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by sonci, Oct 18, 2010.
  1. sonci
    Ok, sorry to bother for non audio quality issues,
    I`m using 7x64 with a Samsung 32'' HDTV,
    I dont remember the time when I gave up using Microsoft WMP, in favor of more tweakable toys like KMPlayer or VLC,
    But today I just clicked by mistake a 720p mp4 video file to play with WMP,
    I was pretty sure I`d have the message "codec not supported", istead I had this stunning video quality much better than my KMPlayer or vlc,
    I`m asking what renderer is using WMP so I can use it with my KMP,
    currently I`m using KMP with Haali Renderer,
  2. alien3456
    Haali is a DirectShow renderer. I'm pretty sure WMP uses VMR9 by default, which is also a DirectShow renderer.
    But the real difference you're probably seeing is a color space difference. "YUV 16-235" is the standard for TV screens, and "RGB 0-255" for PC screens. I don't know for sure, but I imagine WMP is detecting a TV output and sets YUV accordingly, while VLC and other players are just doing their normal RGB output which will look a bit washed out on most TVs.
    I know VLC has a setting to change the color space, I'm sure KMP has a setting too. Also check your video card's driver settings, might be there as well.
  3. apatN Contributor
    MPC is also highly customizable. For instance I love their pixel shaders which make the image much more sharper.
    Interesting thing there alien! I didn't know that.
  4. sonci
    Thanks guys, I`ll try that
    after switching several times, I confirm the difference is night and day,
    WMP seems more detailed, with natural colors,
    It cant be the renderer cause VMR9 is not the best..
  5. shimm


    VMR9 under win7? Can't remember though. Anyway, all VMR's without shaders output FullRGB only by design.
    For files I prefer ffdshow > madVR for low bitrates, or Cyberlynk 10 (HAM) > EVR Cust for big bitrates (8-10Mbps).
    For "disks" TMT3 gives "untouched" YBR with PVP by videocard overlay.
  6. alien3456
    Ah you're right shimm. Looks like Vista/7 WMP uses EVR by default, and EVR is designed to choose the correct colorspace automatically.
    My knowledge is a bit dated; been using lightly configured VLC for years, and remember VMR9 always being the default for MPC/WMP, but I guess that was in the XP days. My main point was to make sure you're using the correct color space for your screen.
    Check out the doom9 forums sonci, they are the head-fi of digital video imo. I'm reading this section and learning a few new things:

  7. Mad Max
    WMP + Reclock + DivX = WIN
  8. FallenAngel Contributor
    Friends don't let friends use DivX [​IMG]
  9. Mad Max
    Wha-?  So what should I use instead?
  10. FallenAngel Contributor
    Xvid for low resolution
    H264 for high resolution
  11. sonci
    No really I`ve spend some time with this, theres no way I can  achieve the quality of WMP, I tried KMPlayer with Haali, Madshi, Core avc etc,
    I even configured the WMP the same way as KM by the Shark007 codecs, still looks better, I can use it but, the problem is that WMP is buggy displaying subtitlles or configuring buttons or I`m just used to KMPlayer..
    Folks at video forums can`t help, they hate too much Microsoft software..
  12. sonci
    H264 and Xvid are codecs, right, not players..

  13. Squa7ch
  14. sonci
    That`s your first word..

  15. Mad Max

    Which non-DivX H264 codec?  I've been using a K-Lite codec pack for anime, and installing up-to-date DivX codecs instead of using the ones that come with the pack (which are CoreAVC if I'm not mistaken) resulted in better video quality during playback.  Not very subtle.  Xvid stil loads for low-res.  Other codecs load for other stuff.
    Not sure I hear a difference between the DivX AAC and CoreAAC(?) codecs.

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