White Ferrari F430.. one of God's horses
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Not trying to troll or anything, but I never really understood cars... I mean I understand a honda... or a toyota... but why in the world would you need a powerful engine? You'll never use it.

Remember how it was before you heard good audio? It's the same way with cars.

In LA, you don't have much opportunity to open a car up and enjoy it. Even then, nimble skills are helpful. My older RX-7 isn't particularly fast off the line, but it is a nimble traffic dodger that has kept me out of harm's way dozens of times. Superior braking and handling is often overlooked for other stats, but it will keep you out of accidents.

When I get a chance to cruise the 5 or on desolate Arizona highways (I go there on business regularly) it really shines. The rotary is remarkably smooth at speed and generates more and more power as it spins faster. Combine that with rock solid handling and brakes, and it's nothing but joy to drive. You can whip through 35MPH curves at 70MPH and not worry. It'll cruise at 110MPH on the 5 without breaking a sweat. It inspires confidence. So do other sportscars - I've never understood the appeal of a SUV. Unless you have a big ranch in Wyoming and spend winters there, a SUV isn't practical. Not that most of the ones out there could take a harsh winter, anyway.

If you're just driving the city, an econobox makes sense. Hence the Scion tC I usually drive. Dead reliable, efficient, looks good, handles traffic well, and is plenty efficient. When I get the itch to drive, however, I go for the RX-7 or the old Comet (my first car) that I keep in the desert. Its big old 302 sounds amazing and it still makes smoky burnouts.

If you have the time, storage and some spare cash, I strongly recommend picking up an enthusiast's car. The really expensive cars discussed here are great, but you don't have to spend that much. Get an older Z car or an RX-7. They're plentiful, inexpensive and easy to keep on the road. Youmight also want to look at first generation Miatas and C4 Corvettes - they're cheap and have huge aftermarket support and lots of clubs. Take it out on the back roads and deserted areas - you'll have the time of your life.

A great car is one of life's pleasures - don't overlook it. I took a trip a couple years back where I drove the RX-7 from LA to Laughlin, had a little fun there, then proceeded over to the Grand Canyon on Route 66, then down to Jerome, Bisbee, and around Arizona a bit. Lots of great driving, some good eating, good drinking, and when I hit the hotel room, I had the RS-1 with me. That was a very good week.
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Oh how i love my RX-7 to Erik
Having tein's allround and strut bracing etc, feel's like im driving a go-kart on the road.
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Why do people like the 430 so much? In my opinion, it is nothing like some other cars: Aston Martin DB9/V8 Vantage, Lamborghini Gallardo, Spyker C8 Spyder, Audi R8 (Flame shield up!) etc are all much better looking cars, IMHO. Everyone thinks Ferraris look great because they are Ferraris, but they just aren't that nice to look at (Except maybe the new 458, which is a beauty.)

EDIT: And before anyone claims the C8 is ugly, see it in person close up (close enough you can touch it) first. The interior seems glitzy in pictures but is absolutely stunning.

To each his own. I've seen the Spyker in person the exterior is far too busy for my taste and the while I like the quilted leather, the chrome is too sparkle and shine for me.

Some C8 pics from the LA auto show:

That being said, I do like the looks of the R8 and the Gallardo much more and the DBS is one of my favorites. I also love the 599 GTB, there's a red one near Portlock that's beautiful. For me though, I'd take an '01 ES300 Platinum. Slow and comfortable for traffic and looks great.


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Really beautiful indeed! Both the shots and the object in picture...
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Oh how i love my RX-7 to Erik
Having tein's allround and strut bracing etc, feel's like im driving a go-kart on the road.

My grandpa's RX-7 is a blast to drive.
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Oh the things I would do for this car...

Would you sell your audio equipment? BLASPHEMY!
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The Ferrari 430 is one of the ugliest, convoluted, inelegant designs ever to come out of Pininfarina IMO.  Never liked it, never will.  I think most people just let it grow on them because its shiny, red and has a prancing horse on it.  
To be fair the staright shot of the rear end is lovely.  Everything else at every other angle is an amateurish design exercise.
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meh, prancing horse....whatever.
I'd rather take a RAGING BULL! any day. snort snort, trample, trample, gore, gore.

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