White Ferrari F430.. one of God's horses
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I think I was born after the pinnacle of motor racing excitement. Todays racing cars are so boring - "neutral" handling...racers aren't risking life and limb.  Its the same everywhere.  Boxers aren't the same...I was watching the first 10 UFC's - those guys were fearless and brutal - not like now!  What about this years world cup?  where's the real Ronaldo... I'm blaming facebook.
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I could care less about cars but those are some beautiful photos. Nothing beats Porsche though

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Ferrari F430 is designed to be typical sport car for circuits. In design is nice. Here are more extravagant models and more conservative one. I think when we compare picture to picture of several series of Ferrari car more and more we see how creative is the design and how beautifull they are in design.

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