What's the best USB audio cable for the money?

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  1. EuropeanEar
    A special 25th anniversary USB cable that doesn't work, sweet.  Just out of curiosity, what company/model was that?
  2. AverageGuyNC

    Purist audio, here's the video I'm referring to.

  3. EuropeanEar

    OK, this was painful to watch.  Not too elegant to argue with someone not present but since it's a public video here's my $0.02:
    After the funny snake oil intro the guy doesn't support his point with any data at all.  He keeps repeating how pissed he is, his opinion on that ******** USB cable, he is cussing but he doesn't say anything substantial to prove it.
    Error checking.  Perhaps he should be noted at this point that it is error checking _without_ error correction.  USB audio is not how the printer works.  He should know this if he really has a background in computer networking as he claims.
    IUT Audio purifier cable: after all the tests of the cable he provides no details about test methods and presents no measurements.  No proof, we just have to take his word.  Typical.
    RCA cable: “At least it got power it can do something.”  Wow dude, is this your reasoning?
    Nothing but cheap talk for 18 minutes in a video that was recorded with a head camera that makes me dizzy watching.
    It's also worth to mention that the difference between USB cables is smaller than his $1,500 setup could easily reveal.
  4. BWV656
    Would you please point me to youtube videos or blog articles or whatever that explains in technical detail how different USB cables can change the sound but not the data? Has anybody measured these changes? I am not here to argue but to learn.
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  5. Mediahound
    Here's one: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2016/05/gordon-rankin-on-why-usb-audio-quality-varies/

    Especially the section interviewing Gordon Rankin (who invented asynchronous USB audio).
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  6. EuropeanEar
  7. Hanuman
  8. EuropeanEar
    This pretty much applies to any component's SQ.
  9. Hanuman
    It's so relative until you either see Gordon Rankins research and actually believe him, or if you do your own A-B and hear and (experience) a difference.
  10. AverageGuyNC
    Hey all, I have been using a $5 Tripp Lite usb with no problems. Tried a $105 LH Labs usb (I got mine used for $19). It sounded a little different, so can confirm there IS a difference, but not a huge one between cables. Neither superior, just different.

    Got a problem though, at first there was a hum or hiss in the background. I let it play for several days to break it in and the background noise is gone, but now it distorts when the bass hits. It doesn't even have to be much bass really. And it doesn't do it with the other usb. It's going from pc to a Schiit Yggy (gen 3 usb). Is there a way to possibly fix this? Having trouble contacting LH Labs customer service email. May get a Schiit Eitr eventually tho.
  11. EuropeanEar
    The hum could be a ground loop caused by the PC. The distorted bass suggests a defective and/or totally out of specs USB cable.
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  12. Houba
    Moon audio make good USB cable upgrade but what do they worth in comparison to the best out there?
  13. AverageGuyNC
  14. LazyListener
    IMHO, the primary advantage of a stranded wire vs solid wire is flexibility of the cable. Also, I believe a cable used to transmit an all-digital signal doesn't really benefit as much, if at all, from some of the fancy construction and shielding used with cables designed for analog signal transfer. But truthfully, IDK WTF I'm talking about, so take what I said with a massive boulder of salt.
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  15. EuropeanEar
    There is no such thing as "all-digital signal" transmission, only analogue representations of a digital signal.
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