What's the best USB audio cable for the money?

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  1. motberg
    I have one of these Pangea AG in 0.5M - and if I switch it into my system it sounds similar to my preferred models from PPA.
    I have tried quite a few; Curious, Elijah, Supra, Furutech, iFi, etc. and most those seemed flat/dark/congested comparatively to the PPA (except the Curious which appeared to cause a lack of coherence) - but the Pangea AG really surprised me, so I recently bought another at 2 meter for another system I am working on, but have not yet tried the 2M model. 
    My profile is fairly up to date with the rest of my equipment.
    I think it make sense to get as short a cable as possible, and take care of how you route it around power supplies or other possible sources of EMI.
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  2. Noobzilla

    I've been looking those and read good things about them, but I couldn't find it in mini B version.
  3. Selbi
    Is there anything I need to look out for when buying a micro USB to micro USB cable, to be used with my phone and a portable DAC/amp combo? Or will any cable do?
    I've read something about USB OTG but I don't know if audio devices need it as well.
  4. arthurl
    I can recommend Monoprice usb cables for cheap/reliable gold plated alternative
  5. Nearbuds
    Supra USB 2.0
  6. RoyDays
    I had 3 different cables and all 3 sound different (BIG DIFFERENCE). And different cables do/create/influence different sound characteristics! Always the same bs about who wins or has reason...who is very important, who got studio experience, or bla bla bla. Ego mania.
    We are people that want to get the best audio sound out of a system (where the USB cable play a role and definitely make a difference), so who cares if it comes from drops, ones or zeros, or resistance or wire properties... the question is based on a fact more than proved, cables sound different. So what cables are the best based on the different experiences from all users, not to discuss how much everyone knows about technical data. Placebo effect can work once you are not completely conscious about the facts, but when you are consciously aware of it, come on.
  7. leonnoelimagery
    Placebo effect is one of the reasons that some might think that one cable might be better than another IMHO. Yes, y'all can do blind testing but for the case, we are actively (subconsciously) looking for a difference even when there might be none whatsoever. I agree that the quality of the cable can change how the information is being relayed to your DAC but for the better or worse, I think it is purely subjective. Call me shallow, but looks play an important role in my selection of cables.  
    Here's a story; when I bought my DAC with the AQ Jitterbug and AQ Cinnamon USB, hooked it all up and listened and was pretty satisfied. However along the way, I was auditioning other (lesser quality) DACs and figured that my "good" DAC was lacking in SQ. I began to second guess my multi-thousand dollar purchase. After much tinkering, I removed the AQ Jitterbug for ****s and giggles, et voila, soundstage and dynamics improved dramatically. That's my story of how $50 killed $X000. (I re-purposed the Jitterbug to a usb powered DAC and it worked great for that senario). So to sum it up, try before you buy!   
  8. Whitigir
    You guys who is debating the cables and whether or not it bring the differences, had any of you tried to compare personally ? If you never compared, how come your opinion be validated ? I had came to the conclusion that there are 3 groups of people to take on cables debate

    1/ throwing blank opinions without experiences whatsoever, based on speculations from others similar folk, and rather pay a couple bucks than hundreds dollar

    2/ people who can not hear the differences, or their system is not capable of revealing it, either way they can not come to a solid conclusion

    3/ people who has a capable system, and ears to observe the differences, and most of these people all agree that cables do bring the differences. That is why the majority of Summit-fi people are taken by the cables market. Then to extend this even further, there will be how pure and stable the electricity in their power is.

    You got the vibe....it just bothers me so much about the people in the (#1) who always Come up with all the ridiculous ideas to deny the effects
  9. LazyListener

    Those are 3 groups of people.[​IMG]
    I agree.  I wish people with no experience would stop giving advice.
    BTW, I think the best usb audio cable for the money is the cheapest you can find.  (This is only a guess.)
  10. Mr Rick
    Actually, the very best is the one that reaches from one piece of gear to the other. Anything less will seriously degrade sound quality.[​IMG]
    I KNOW this from experience!!
  11. AverageGuyNC

    I believe high quality cables can make a difference or make it sound different at least, but expensive doesn't mean better/best. I watched z reviews on you tube video snake oil and you, where a guy sent in a $700 usb cable that would not even work with a lot of the dacs and the guy had to use it on his printer
  12. EuropeanEar
    The only reason going into those details is that smart asses keep repeating the "only 0s and 1s" nonsense.  Which is a dead giveaway how little they know about USB audio data transfer.  They mistakenly believe that it works the same way as they copy data from a hard drive to another.  It does not.
  13. Whitigir

    That is exactly it !
  14. EuropeanEar
    It's true that even some of the more expensive USB cables are not capable of USB 2.0 transmission rates.  That guy should have returned the useless cable and purchased a decent one.
  15. AverageGuyNC

    He won it in a raffle at a meet haha. Then couldn't even use it for his dac without problems. He wanted to sell it but felt guilty I think. He sent it in for the YouTube guy to examine. I would probably email the company that made it, but it was a special 25th anniversary edition so can't even get a replacement (I'm guessing)
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