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What to buy - Denon D2000 or JVC FX700?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by thethrane, May 30, 2011.
  1. TheThrane
    First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. 
    I need help to decide which one to buy. I've read very good things about Denon D2000, and would prefere full-size headphones. I will only use it (be it the Denon or JVC) with my iPod and mobilephone, and with 320kbps audio files as source.
    Now, the D2000 is rather expensive at 400 dollar where i live, and this is without an amp. I went looking for alternatives and stumbled across the JVC FX700. These looks really nice and is 'only' 350 dollar and this is without the need of an amp. But I have some concerns:
    Will they fit as nice and comfortably in the ears as the Denon D2000 fits on the head? (I mean comfort, no fear of them falling out etc.)
    Is the sound-quality even near as good as the D2000?
    I'm new to all this audio stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]
    EDIT: Just found the Denon D2000 for 300 dollar on the same site as i found the FX700. Additional question: Can i get a good portable amp for Denon for around 50 dollar?
  2. Alghazanth
    I wouldn't get either one for portable use. You'd be better off with IEMs. If you must, however, the D2000 is (far) superior if you listen to any sort of energetic or heavy music.
  3. classakg
    The Denons may require an amplifier to sounds at their best, and i cant comment on that JVC model.
    Are you open to another options? Which kind of music you like? 
  4. TheThrane

    I listen to pop, soft rap, aucustic, hip-hop, some rock, techno. At the moment i'm in love with these two, so it would have to be a really good alternative not to say good-looking [​IMG]
    I will not use them to carry around with me, but just to relax with and take with me on vacation.
  5. Alghazanth


    For those genres definitely grab the D2000. But again, I really think you want IEMs. These cans aren't for portable use.
  6. classakg
    What about something that folds up, like ultrasone? 
  7. TheThrane
    I thought the JVC FX700 was IEMs?
    Sorry, but what do you mean by 'folds up'?

  8. classakg
    Something like this:
  9. TheThrane
    Oh no thanks, prefers the other look :)
  10. iamjg110
    I like D2000 more~
  11. earerror


    If you're set on buying the D2000's you'll need to spend more than $50 on a portable amp for them. 

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