What makes a PC great for music listening, or. What are some of the best PCs for music listening, sound quality and fidelity etc.
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May 14, 2017
Hello. I'm rather new here, even though I'm quite inexperienced with all things audio and Hi-Fi equipment I have a slightly above beginner understanding for over the ear headphones such as the industry standard mid tier mdr 7506 and the niche bass head cans sz2ooo to know that most of the music I listened to which was sourced either from weak and low quality computers or devices that couldn't properly drive my headphones had suffered in sound quality, fidelity or wasn't powerful enough to drive power hungry cans like my aforementioned sz2000's to a fraction of there full potential.

I would like to get a PC specifically for music listening, though I don't know where start as I barely know what makes a great PC for Hi-Fi music listening. I've seen plenty of search results for music and audio production PCs, but, I don't know if such devices would be good for actually enjoying and listening to music and I doubt I'll ever actually attempt to use such a PC for it's intended use of music and audio production

The criteria of the PC I had mind were:
High sound quality/fidelity
multiple inlets/outlets for most types of headphone plugins

It'd be helpful for some recommendations and insight on great PCs for music listening as I'm relatively new to High quality, Hi-Fi music so I don't know what a PC would need to be considered good or great for listening to music and practically so.
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Dec 17, 2013
Just get whichever cheap computer suits your fancy and leave the audio stuff to dedicated components like DAC/amps or a separate amp and DAC. You can do DSP (including EQ) via foobar2000 (a popular free music player among audiophiles) plugins. The Schiit Fulla 2 is a good DAC/amp to start with. If you want ultimate bass impact from the SZ2000, you'll need a much more powerful amp and extreme EQ settings, though.
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Sep 2, 2014
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PC is actually considered the hardest way to get Hi-Fi sound (for a purist lover anyways) and some abandoned it in favor of network streamers (such as Sonore Microrendu or Auralic) to achieve highest fidelity. If they still want the PC functionality, they typically use Windows Server as their OS and a software called audiophileoptmizer or Fidelizer Pro along with Kernel streaming software (e.g. JPLAY).

For DSP oriented music reproduction (digital equalizer ,etc) any PC or laptop and an external DAC/amp would suffice. IMO, you only spend for expensive gears to hear how those equipment sound without any alteration in the signal (through digital EQ, etc)

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