1. Sennheiser

    Save the date: a Sennheiser CES debut

    Hello Head-Fi, The Consumer Electronics Show ("CES") is nearly upon us, and we have a few technology-leaning announcements to make. We know most of you will not be able to attend CES, so we'll be livestreaming the our media event on January 8th at 12:30pm Pacific Time, live from Las Vegas. You...
  2. Y

    Closed-back over-ears for EDM - sub £100

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a new set of cans. I'll be listening primarily to EDM (Chemical Brothers) at home, so portability and leakage are not important. I already have a good daily driver for media and gaming (PC38X) but I want something more fun with an abundance of bass (v-shaped...
  3. Hameem

    What album are you waiting for?

    If you can have a new music album magically appear today, what would it be, what would it make you feel that others can't, what feeling you wish for it to give you, and what specifications would it have? would you choose to have an album which is similar to something that already exist or an...
  4. Dèng

    THIEAUDIO Prestige Coming Soon

    The image displayed is for reference only and may have been enhanced by computer graphics. The pattern/design on the actual products is randomised and may not look exactly like the ones in the image. 🔥THIEAUDIO Prestige Coming Soon🔥 Greetings everyone. The latest Tribrid Flagship IEM by...
  5. Dèng

    THIEAUDIO Oracle MKII Tribrid IEM Up For Grabs At Linsoul Audio

    🔥 THIEAUDIO Oracle MKII Now Available at Linsoul! 🔥 Greetings everyone. The THIEAUDIO Oracle MKII is up for grabs at Linsoul! 📌 MSRP: 589.00USD 📌 Limited in-stocks available 📌 Successor of THIEAUDIO Oracle Tribrid IEM 📌 New 10mm liquid...
  6. Dèng

    New Tripowin IEMs and Teaser at Linsoul Audio

    :fireworks::headphones: New Tripowin IEMs and Teaser at Linsoul Audio :headphones::fireworks: Greetings everyone! Time to feature a few new Tripowin products that are sold exclusively at Linsoul~ :tada: A new DD IEM - Tripowin Cencibel :point_down...
  7. Dèng

    New Arrivals at Linsoul Audio - TRN ST5, Shanling UP4 2022, GUSTARD, TANGZU Products & More!

    :bangbang::loudspeaker: New Arrivals at Linsoul Audio :loudspeaker::bangbang: Greetings everyone! A new month is here and we have new products at Linsoul. 🎉 TinHiFi T2 (2pin 0.78mm Connectors), Shanling UP4 2022, KZ ZS10 Pro X, GUSTARD DAC/AMPs, TANGZU IEMs and more! Do have a look at our...
  8. Dèng

    Tripowin x HBB Olina Product Launch on Linsoul and Giveaway

    Greetings everyone! With the success of Tripowin x HBB Mele, many individuals have been looking forward to seeing the partnership between Tripowin and HawaiiBadBoy again. It is a dream come true for them as the Tripowin x HBB Olina will be launched on Linsoul very soon! :beerchug: The MSRP...
  9. 9~ATOMS

    LOST IN MUSIC [Discover~Share~Discuss]

    Starting this thread as I love listening to & finding music that hits the sweet spot within, old or new. Music enhances life & is something to cherish. ...................... For Anyone that wants to Discover~Share~Discuss ‘Any’ Music that means something to you. Feel free to post anything...
  10. Dèng

    Linsoul x HarmonicDyne Poseidon Headphone Kickstarter Campaign

    💥 HarmonicDyne Poseidon Headphones 💥 Greetings everyone! We are pleased to be collaborating with HarmonicDyne for this Kickstarter Campaign. Launch date: 10:00 AM EST, 12th Oct, 2021 Super Early Bird price: Starts from $279USD on a first-come-first-serve basis Retail price: $435USD ✅ Custom...
  11. Dèng

    Linsoul Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Updates and Giveaway

    🎉 Linsoul Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Giveaway 🎉 A lovely Friday to everyone. First, due to the upcoming break, we will be working tomorrow but will not be around from 19th till 21st Sep (GMT+8). We will be back on Wednesday and all operations will resume then. Thank you for your...
  12. V

    Neophyte Audiophile needs advice

    Hey guys. I'm a budding audiophile and this is my first post since my introduction so hi all. I need some advice so I'll keep it short. I recently purchased the fx audio dac x6 and the aiyima dac a2. I already owned the fiio a3 headphone amp and fiio m7 dap. i also have the fosi tube-p2 amp and...
  13. Dèng

    Welcome to the Tank Family - TinHiFi T2 EVO IEM

    Greetings everyone! TinHiFi's latest release, TinHiFi T2 EVO, has just been listed on Linsoul Audio. In-stocks are available and you may order yours here~ An additional cable, Tripowin Altea, has been added to the listing as an add-on deal too. All three options are available—3.5mm...
  14. Dèng

    Tripowin x BGGAR Mele IEM Giveaway on Linsoul

    Greetings everyone! The Tripowin x BGGAR Mele, a 10mm Graphene dynamic driver with dual cavity IEM, will be launched on Linsoul this coming Friday, 20th Aug, 2021 (GMT+8). To celebrate the product launch, we have launched a Tripowin x BGGAR Mele IEM Giveaway! 3 lucky winners will get to win a...
  15. Dèng

    THIEAUDIO Legacy 2 Product Launch and Giveaway

    Greetings everyone! Are you looking for your next daily beater IEM? Our THIEAUDIO Legacy 2, a 1BA+1DD IEM, has finally been listed on Linsoul, and that may be one of your options~ We have stocked up sufficiently and will be able to ship out the orders within 3 working days. Product...
  16. Dèng

    Mangird's New Brand Name and Product Launch

    Greetings everyone. On behalf of Mangird, we would like to inform everyone that they are now officially known as XENNS. Other than a change in brand name, they have also launched a new 2EST+2BA+1DD Tribrid IEM, XENNS UP. The pre-order is now available on Linsoul's website here, and the...
  17. Dèng

    BLON BL-A8 Prometheus IEM Available on Linsoul

    Greetings everyone! Your "Oppoty" and "Driams" are here - BLON BL-A8 Prometheus~ A latest creation by BLON with a new look and a better looking cable! The Silver model (image above) is now available for purchase on Linsoul's website here. As for the other colour (image below), we will be...
  18. Dèng

    Kiwi Ears Orchestra, Tansio Mirai Land, and More Available at Linsoul Audio

    Greetings everyone. Other than the new launches of our THIEAUDIO products, we have listed a few other items on our website too. Kiwi Ears, a new brand, is now available on Linsoul Audio. You may purchase their 8BA IEM, Kiwi Ears Orchestra here. The long awaited new Flagship, Tansio Mirai...
  19. Dèng

    THIEAUDIO Excalibur and Oracle Product Launch and Giveaway

    🎁 THIEAUDIO Updates and Giveaway 🎁 A lovely weekend to everyone. THIEAUDIO Excalibur and Oracle are finally available on Linsoul Audio! We also have some updates regarding our THIEAUDIO Clairvoyance and Monarch. To celebrate these good news, we are holding a special Instagram Giveaway~...
  20. Dèng

    Linsoul Audio x BLON Mini Giveaway

    Greetings everyone! To celebrate BLON Mini launch, we are having a Giveaway event. To participate, kindly visit here. This event will take place from today till 15th May, 2021 (GMT+8). The winners will be announced by the end of May. All the very best! Cheers, Linsoul Team
  21. Dèng

    BLON Mini Pre-order and BLON BL-01 Sale

    Greetings everyone! The BLON Mini is now available for pre-order here! The Early Bird price is $27.99USD and it will take place from today till 21st Apr, 2021 (GMT+8). Shipments of the Mini orders will start from 22nd Apr onwards. BLON is also having a promotion for their BL-01 IEM. The...
  22. Dèng

    DUNU EST112 Pre-order on Linsoul Audio (27th - 30th Mar, 2021, GMT+8)

    A very good Monday to everyone! Yes! DUNU has launched its latest EST model, DUNU EST 112, and it is available for pre-order on Linsoul Audio~ 🥳 Pre-order period has already started, and it ends on 30th Mar, 2021 (GMT+8). Get yours now here~ We hope to ship out the orders as quickly as...
  23. Dèng

    Product Launch of THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 Gaia

    A very good morning to everyone! We would like to sincerely thank everyone for actively participating our recent Giveaway campaign for the THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 Gaia. The winners will be announced by the end of this month. We would also like to announce that our new THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 Gaia is...
  24. R

    Recommendations for me?

    Hello Head-Fi community, Recently I acquired an IFI HIP-DAC, and was using it with my 80OHM 70pro which has stopped working after 7 years usage My Music Tastes have changed since then towards Metal, Rock, And on occasion Electronic Music genres (House. Trap, DN) Its fair to say detailed and...
  25. R

    Duplicate post

    Posted a duplicate thread by accident please ignore this one is the new post. Sorry for the mistake.