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  1. M

    Looking to replace Samsung HS330

    (Hi, this is my first thread. Feel free to correct my terminology and misconceptions.) Back in the 2010s I got a Samsung smartphone and it came with my first pair of actually comfortable earbuds, which I really like. I am confident that the model is the Samsung HS330 (link to Samsung site)...
  2. nitrokojote

    Can't find how to edit or create my signature. Help.

    Hey there, I joined this forum a while back but I've mostly lurked, now I've been wanting to post more, but I can't seem to find the options for editing my signature. I can only edit the "about author" page. There any reason why this doesn't work for me? Thanks!
  3. Max585t

    New user looking for recomendations

    Hello, Head-fi. New User Max here. I am thinking about buying a pair of Grados but I'm kinda worried that I'm not going to like the sound. I love the look of Grados so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendation on aftermarket drivers or mods that could help the sound of the cans. artists...
  4. Àedhàn Cassiel

    New Member: Interested in Trying a Pre-Fazor Pair of LCD-2s!

    So, the bug hit me very recently. I tried the HD 600’s, compared them to everything else I’ve used and was blown away. I tried out HiFiMan’s HE400S and HE560, and ended up getting my hands on a pair of HD 800’s. It was just an experiment of sorts at first. Cool, a $1000 pair of headphones...
  5. C

    What makes a PC great for music listening, or. What are some of the best PCs for music listening, sound quality and fidelity etc.

    Hello. I'm rather new here, even though I'm quite inexperienced with all things audio and Hi-Fi equipment I have a slightly above beginner understanding for over the ear headphones such as the industry standard mid tier mdr 7506 and the niche bass head cans sz2ooo to know that most of the music...