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New Member: Interested in Trying a Pre-Fazor Pair of LCD-2s!


Which LCD-2 should I try for maximum contrast with my HD 800’s?

  1. Pre-Fazor v2.1

    0 vote(s)
  2. Pre-Fazor v.2.2 (Revision 2)

  3. Fazor

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  1. Àedhàn Cassiel
    So, the bug hit me very recently. I tried the HD 600’s, compared them to everything else I’ve used and was blown away. I tried out HiFiMan’s HE400S and HE560, and ended up getting my hands on a pair of HD 800’s.

    It was just an experiment of sorts at first. Cool, a $1000 pair of headphones (acquired for ~$550 with a balanced XLR cable). Would I really spend that much on headphones? Really? Yeah, probably not. I was amazed by what the 800’s did so well right away. But it took a few days of AB testing for me to lose interest in where the other headphones did a better job with bass, etc., and I ended up easily settling over to the HD 800’s as my go–to pair for all listening. Now there's absolutely no way I can let them go.

    I am curious to try out a pair of LCD-2’s, though. I want to hear something in a comparable range that does a better job of the things the 800’s are weaker at. In that regards, I’m thinking the pre-fazor is the clear winner for what I should look for, though I’m torn between revision 1 and revision 2. Either way, I’m seriously interested in trying one out! Adorama’s sale has disappeared, and everything listed on eBay seems to be for the fazors, so that’s why I ended up applying for Head-Fi membership. :) What’s my best bet for trying to find a good deal on them here on the forums?

    Thank you!
  2. Monsterzero
    I had a 2.2 pf and Audeze confirmed that was the "warmest driver we ever made".It has great sub bass extension,but I wasnt thrilled with the mids,so I sold it and bought a ZMF Atticus.Clear step up.
  3. chimney189
    I have the Audeze LCD-2 Pre-Fazor Rev. 2.2. I highly doubt that I'll ever sell them. The texture that it can reproduce is nearly addicting to listen to.
    I would definitely recommend any Pre-Fazor model over Fazor because of the near immediate contrast I noticed when I was owning both the LCD-2 and HD800.

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