1. A

    Will be in FFM, Germany soon, would like to meet up, Bad Homburg too

    Hi Frankfurters (und Wiesbadeners, und Offenbacher au d alle ). Would be glad to meet, get to lewrn new faces, and of course listen to equipmemn. Interested in Singser amp, TR/TH 600 models from Fostex, including Drop XX varieties, 900 series too, Grados. I really want to hear that ZMF sound on...
  2. Sennheiser

    Livestream: IE 300 Q&A

    Hello Head-Fi, Save the date! We’re hosting a live Q&A session with audiophile product guru Jermo Koehnke this Thursday, May 6th at 10:00am New York Time via YouTube. We will be discussing all-things IE 300, so tune in and join the discussion. Be sure to watch this thread, and on the 6th join...
  3. THX ONYX Portable DAC/Amplifier

    THX ONYX Portable DAC/Amplifier

    Amp up your headphones and upgrade to master-quality audio with the THX Onyx™ — a powerful, portable digital-to-analog (DAC) amplifier equipped with THX AAA™ technology, to ensure the highest fidelity mobile listening experience for your music, games, and movies.
  4. Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M

    Dual ESS ES9028Q2M DACs - easily handles digital audio files up to 32bit/768kHz or DSD512 Supports MQA - be sure you're listening to artist-approved studio-quality audio Digital optical, digital coaxial and USB inputs - connect CD players, games consoles, laptops or other digital audio sources...
  5. Sennheiser

    August in Sennheiser History...

    Hello Head-Fi! Our 75th Anniversary has offered us an opportunity to revisit key Sennheiser moments. This month in Sennheiser history is particularly special as it was 29 years ago that the original Orpheus was released. If you’ve heard either Sennheiser electrostatic headphone, feel...
  6. Ryuuji Voidstalker

    Hifiman HE4xx vs Sennheiser HD58x / HD6xx vs Fidelio X2hr (or other)? For my purpose, which one and why?

    THREAD CLOSED. What would be the best $ 200 open-back headphone for Epic songs / soundtracks (lots of orchestral) and powerful vocals, especially the females one? Will be my first open-back headphone. I was thinking on the HD6xx (HD650), but i saw a lot of reviewers saying that these...
  7. raoultrifan

    New, Fully Balanced Burson Conductor 3X: Dual ESS9038, 7.5wpc XLR, 3.75wpc SE Headamp, Changeable Opamps

    I'm very glad to find out that BURSON Audio is building for us a brand new balanced DAC with balanced headphones amplifier inside! Several Head-Fiers were expected this, me included, so like always BURSON listens to us and then commits. The non-balanced 'brother" would be the C3-Reference combo...
  8. trebla

    Mdr-1RBT Sony Premium Bluetooth

    Gently used, earpads in great condition (soft and plush) awesome sounding headphones (balanced sound, musical + detailed) i get 10 or 11 hours battery life so they are quite un-used Love these headphones, sad to see them go. Micro USB, 3.5mm AUX input (for when batteries run out) and includes...
  9. 12lior12

    THE LIST! a list of the most expensive fullsized headphones on the market

    Hello there people of Head-fi! I have compiled a list of the most expensive headphones starting from 1100 USD and up. The List contains all in one units (such as the Orpheus) and some headphones that are just ridiculously priced as they are encrusted with diamonds or being made of gold. The...
  10. Nocturnal Audio Avalon

    Nocturnal Audio Avalon

    Agenda Named after the legendary island from Arthurian legend, Avalon is believed to be the place where the mythical king's Excalibur sword was forged as well as the king's final resting place. Like other utopian paradise, Avalon was sought after for a long time after being alluded by legends &...
  11. AthenaZephyrian

    Head-Fi GOLD has arrived!

    FOR INDESCRIBABLE FI FOR SUMMIT-FI &/or HEAD-ASPLODE-FI FOR HI-FI AF (As Fostex, we're PG here): FOR HIFI AMEH (As MEH): FOR ATH-L3000's (pricetag/sound ratio), Beats, Skullcandy, and other flops:
  12. AthenaZephyrian

    About to buy Stax 3100 (already dying of fun bux poverty)

    I'm planning to buy Stax L300's tomorrow, after I've had 2 nights to contemplate the fact that I'll need 5-year plans and virtual slavery to fix my personal economy afterwards. I think it will be worth it. I'll be done sidegrading. Maybe. Maybe I'll just pull a Jordan Belfort to finance...
  13. Kazz123

    (SOLD) Beyerdynamic T5p (1st Gen.)

  14. Dr Claudio

    For SALE RS Audio P-51 Mustang

    Hello, recently my iPod died and I'm going to switch to DAC rather than amp, so I'm selling my Ray Samuels Audio P-51 Mustang. This is an amp which doesn't require any introduction, I bought it in 2011 and it provides me hundreds of sweet hours of pure magic music. It's top class amp and still...
  15. Hidizs DH1000 ( Sonata )

    Hidizs DH1000 ( Sonata )

    Review of the Hidizs DH1000 ( Sonata ) ( for those curious about the meaning of the name ) A little unboxing to get ya excited... (Hidizs always makes such good looking devices ) ( AP200 on the left ) The Review I have not written a review in a few months. Mostly because I...
  16. P

    Looking for a replacament to my Akg K712 PRO (HD 660S, 990PRO, etc)

    Hello, I bought a pair of Akg K712 PRO 3 months ago, and yesterday the left speaker stopped to work. Since the store gives me back the money, I am looking for a replacement (or to buy it a second time). I was fine with the headphones, although it had not a WOW effect in me coming from a...
  17. R

    Open back, Comfortable Headphones without an Amp

    Hello Members! I have been looking for portable and Open back Headphones around Months, but with no results. The Grado Rs2e was quite fine, but not worth it's price for it is not well constructed. I had expected renewable cables. The Headphone should be useable on mobile devices also. Price...
  18. P

    Noob trying to decide on speakers. Help/Suggestions?

    Hi. So I'm planning on getting some speakers. I am a noob in this field. So far I have been suggested two different options. One set I have been suggested is the Edifier 2000DB which are gonna cost around £200. I am told that if I buy these I don't need anything else I'm ready to just plug in...
  19. Tex Irie

    MrSpeakers Aeon for trade seeking an Oppo PM-1 or Audeze EL-8 open or closed back

    I am currently seeking a trade for an Oppo PM-1 or Audeze EL-8 open or closed back in excellent condition or best offer. Please PM me if your are interested.
  20. S

    For sale: Oppo PM-3 Like New

    LIKE NEW pair of black Oppo PM-3s! Zero blemishes. Less than 10 hours listening time on them. Comes with all original packaging, Apple-compatible cable with inline microphone, 6ft cable, and carrying case. $325 SHIPS FREE
  21. S

    FS: Black Oppo PM-3 Like New

    LIKE NEW pair of black Oppo PM-3s! Zero blemishes. Less than 10 hours listening time on them. Comes with all original packaging, Apple-compatible cable with inline microphone, 6ft cable, and carrying case. $325 SHIPS FREE
  22. G

    Will hifiman he-400i have sound quality with lg v10/20

    I have an LG v10 and thinking about upgrading to the V20. I also am wanting to upgrade to Hifiman he-400i from audio technica m40x. Considering the lg v10/20 can play hi-fi DAC, will my phone be sufficient to hear the Hi-Fi quality intended frombthe He-400is? Thanks
  23. Dipesh

    Onkyo dpx1 use 350

    sold sold
  24. HT98

    Help for XDP-100R

    Hi all out there. I have write this post in another section, too. I think a new thread is better for this. Hope that anybody can help me in that way. I have made a big mistake. I wanted to change three files, in the etc Folder. It was these: mixer_paths.xml, mixer_paths_high_model.xml and...
  25. Meetite

    Need help picking next pair of headphones

    Hello all, I am currently in the market for a new pair of cans for around $200 (I unfortunately can't go much higher than that) and would like some help deciding at pair to buy. I've been researching for a while and have been having trouble deciding with all the options in this price bracket. I...