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Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Member Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD

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  1. Law87
    can we get an accurate list of who is bringing what? I dont really want to drive an hour for 3 things...
  2. kendavis
    Well... I expect that my Liquid Gold will be at the first one... probably the second one as well. I'll also be bringing my Utopias
  3. lcasadonte
    I am going to try to make both. I have a mobile roon server and cellular hotspot I will bring for the group to use and I was thinking of bringing Beyer T5P's and Utopia's, I could also bring my gen 1 auralic stack (altair/vega/taurus). I also have an aries and lynx I could bring if anyone is interested. I was going to bring my chord h2/a&k kann as well. I have a pair of tia fourte's i could bring if folks have extra tips.
  4. sheldaze
    • EC S7
    • ECP DSHA-1
    • Massdrop Sennheiser HD58x (per request)
    • Sennheiser HD580 (per request)
    • Sennheiser HD800S (modified)
    As mentioned, there will be Cavalli Liquid Gold (Ken's) and Massdrop Monolith Liquid Platinum (mine). But my plans at this time are just to box up the Platinum for sale. It, to my ears, is not the best setup for HD800 - the two amplifiers I am bringing are a better match for that headphone.

    Last, I will be most likely getting rid of HE4XX and Fostex T50RP. These are planar headphones, which I simply have no need for. I can bring these, if there is any interest. If I like the sound of my LFF Code-X (a modified HE-5) on the two amplifiers I am bringing, I may also bring this to the event.
    lcasadonte likes this.
  5. Law87
    I'm bringing my chord H1 & H2
    Sennheiser HD820
    Beyerdynamic T1 1st gen with cable mod with DHC Copper and Silver cable.
    Westone W80 with moon audio silver dragon. if anyone have xtra tip,I'll let them try it.

    Looking to sell my CHord Hugo 1 if anyone interested, and I may part with my T1 too if anyone interested.
    lcasadonte likes this.
  6. whohasaquestion
    Hi All,

    I can bring in THX 789 if Massdrop manages to deliver on time.

    Otherwise, a Grado SR-325e
    darmanastartes and lcasadonte like this.
  7. harrisonjr98
    Should we make a second event thread for the "pre-meet"? Sounds like it's going to be a bit bustling as well, and it could help to keep everything straight as far as who's bringing what and when.
  8. Law87

    you modified your HD800s?
  9. sheldaze
    Minor change - most people who have heard them really do not notice any difference, particularly at meets. I believe there will be stock HD800S (one or two).

    The only headphone I like stock is HD580 (with an HD650 cable).
  10. Law87

    I had the HD800s, I thought it was great except for the upper mids could use a little more body. thats why I decided to keep my HD820 over it.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  11. Reverso
    Call me tentative. If I do, I'll bring my Auralic Taurus and Yggdrasil.
  12. darmanastartes
    I can bring a SMSL SU-8 balanced DAC if anyone has a balanced amp I can hook it up to.
  13. Law87

    Kendavis is bringing his liquid platinum which is a balanced amp.
  14. kendavis
    Actually, it's Sheldon's. We traded for a few weeks and now will exchange back again. I'll have my Liquid Gold. Both are balanced.
  15. Law87
    I may bring my **** lyr 3, too much gear already...

    Dont forget to bring cables.

    EDIT: The guy that sale the amp unable to ship the amp till Friday...sucks
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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