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Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Member Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD

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  1. sheldaze
    Family definitely comes first.

    I was looking forward to asking you thoughts on the HD820 and E2. I'm sure there will be meets later in the year, when school is back in session.
  2. kendavis
    I Just spoke with Jeff Fischel at Conrad-Johnson. He may be willing to loan one of their new HVA1 headphone amps for the meet. I'll keep the group posted.
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  3. Silverion77
    Should be able to make that happen! I was thinking of moving them soon, but can certainly wait til May :D

    Been watching C&J recently, but that seems new new, as in not even on the site new!
  4. kendavis
  5. Law87
    -Opposite type of headphone, Ether 2 is dark and super laid back, very different from Mrspeakers earlier head set. HD820 is the sound of HD800s with added bass and stronger upper mids (more energy and fuller), totally different from HD800 ( I did not like HD800 at all with my original chord)
    - mids on the HD820 are forward (alot more) in comparison to E2 but slightly recessed from original Ether C. Its not tiring, its really just right.
    -The Treble on E2 is very good (its a dark headphone) however the HD820 is no slouch, I never had peaks or distortion on my HD820, I did rarely hear distortion on E2, but that may be due to poorer old quality tracks.
    -soundstage, I swear the HD820 sound much larger, its a closed headphone but the soundstage is just unbelievable! the E2 have ok depth but some how the width is smaller.
    -bass on both is good, neither is better than the other, HD820 has "more" punch however the E2 Bass attack and decay is quicker, snapier.
    -Comfort, Hands down the Sennheiser, Ether 2 after 45 min, I have to take it off, the clamp pressure puts a lot of force from the bottom to the front of the pad.

    I've been a Mrspeakers fanboys for years, I owned alot of his previous headphone, been reccomending him non-stop but it seems to me he's changing his signature to satisfied the likes of Audeze and ZMF fans, which I think its a big mistake and quiet unfortunate, I can no longer reccomend his product until something else arrives.

    Before the E2, I had Ether C, which I thought was pretty dang good headphone, really thought its my end game headset until I listen to HD820!

    its kind of ironic, the guy that bought my E2 likes LCD headset, but it turn out he doesnt like the E2 either lol.....
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  6. Law87
    anyone got Hifiman Arya or HE1000 V2 or SE?
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  7. harrisonjr98
    I will be in attendance and plan to bring the venerable soup-du-jour budget set up of a JDS Atom and HD6XX. Not super keen on driving up from Richmond with much more than that, but hopefully it satisfies someone's curiosity for where budget gear has gotten nowadays and prevents me from being "that guy" showing up empty handed. Would love to bring Tin T2 out as well, but not sure how to keep the material of it's signature tips clean between listeners- it's a very porous, tacky rubber that might not respond well to repeated alcohol baths like a silicon tip, but who knows.
    iFi Audio just sent me their xDSD, xCAN and micro iDSD Black Label, looking forward to demoing these!
    iFi xDSD xCAN iDSD.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  9. Law87
    not to hi-jack the thread, but I potentially gonna sell this for Hugo 2, anyone locally interested before I put them on Sales thread?

    20190410_222500.jpg 20190410_222559.jpg
  10. harrisonjr98
    Anyone have an HD58X Jubilee on hand? Would love to compare and contrast with my 6XX because I know that a lot of people vehemently swear by one or the other.
  11. SuperDuke
    I have a stock 580 (not massdrop) with a very nice cable if that's of interest.
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  12. harrisonjr98
    Yes, that would be awesome!
  13. sheldaze
    Throwing this out there - we are also having a small pre-meet event. Why? Truth is we do this all the time, and only on rare occasion - the stars and planets align, enough folks assemble, and we can get a public space - do we have a large public meet. This small meet just happens to be in a public space. So basically for anyone who cannot make the main event, or just wants to come out and meet some of the folks earlier, do consider coming out to our small meet event:

    Saturday, April 27, 1:00 - 4:00pm
    Aurora Hills Branch Library
    Eads Room
    735 South 18th Street
    Arlington, Virginia 22202

    No worries. No need to bring anything - we always have stuff on hand for folks to listen to. Headphones are recommended - to hear something familiar. Beyond that, just come out to meet!
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  14. Law87

    I'm free, bring HD820 with hugo 1 and 2, pending how lazy I am, I might be bringing my beyer T1 first gen with cable mod.
  15. harrisonjr98
    Might have to substitute my visit to the originally planned meeting for the smaller one, as I found out I may have a scheduling conflict for the main meet.
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