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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. The Dan of Steel
    Got my Walnut about a week ago, spent the first weekend listening with Zen V1 and thought that was all I needed. Came to work and decided to try RE-00 and found that this is my new carry everywhere setup. I don't know if it is just my ears but I feel there is a synergy there that just works for me. I am very happy with this $60 total package. Thank you so much for this find!
    BTW SD card that came with it would not allow me to add music but the music already stored there was fine. I copied the tracks down, reformatted with SD Formatter and was then able to add my own tracks to it. Also threw in my 64GB card from my Pono just to see if it would work, no problems at all. Skipped right over the tracks it couldn't read and played everything else.
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  2. macky112
    The LED next to the USB port will go red when charging. And mine turns green when fully charged
  3. macky112

    So you get about 20hrs per charge?

    Anyone else can chime in?
  4. Frederick Wang
    Loud like static noise from a radio and sounds like it too. 
    Cell phone near or not the noise persists.
    Four pairs of earphones were tested. 
    Happening when music is paused too. 
    And disappeared after 10 hours of incessant playing. 
  5. notamethlab
    Wow you have some luck bud :frowning2: first your Zishan and now your walnut. I hope you're able to sort it out and enjoy your walnut.
  6. Frederick Wang
    For the record, I didn't have back luck with Zishan, but only modified Zishan by Mr. Ghost. 
    About the walnut, I'm really curious, am I the only one, or one of a few that encountered this problem? Caz bad luck doesn't cut it for me. 
  7. sonickarma
    Yes RE00 has nice synergy - agreed
    RE00 review here - 
    Walnut V2 review will be posted soon
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  8. macky112
    you are not the only one, I reported hearing a background noise when I tried it for the first time, and I havent listen to it again during burn-in, will report back after I give it another day or two to burn-in
  9. vapman
    You're saying it went away completely after those 10 hours or so? If it's gone it won't come back. Either that or you need to build a Faraday cage and see if your home is being bombarded with radio interference... If it went away completely i'd say that's not bad luck?
    If you get a noise happening while paused, it's either coming from the player or interference it's picking up. But, i doubt any unit with over 20 hours of actual playtime into headphones will have this problem.
    One of my walnuts was noisy even when paused until the 10 or 20 hour mark too. My guess is that they aren't burned in at the factory and the components need to "settle in". 
  10. vapman
    Nope, take out the SD and you can use it as amp. Or pause the music and then plug in to the line out port. [​IMG]
  11. Frederick Wang
    Gone completely, luckily for me. Caz if my neighbors learned that I build a Faraday cage around my house to enjoy a 20 dollar DAP, they will almost definitely start a rumor that I'm crazy. 
  12. vapman
    That's why you build it inside the house! A faraday room, if you will.
    Glad to hear the ghosts have left your Walnut. I guess they get tired of spooking players after about 10-20 hours time.
  13. nick n
    You could always make a Schumann generator, that way you'd only be seen as partially crazy.
    I'll be able to see what all that JRC 4558D is all about soon. Could not resist after hearing about the signature= close to Stockers, but bolder low end. Sounds ideal.
  14. weedophile
    Hmm so far i have tried using my ZST, ZS3, Senzer H1, Tennmak Pro, Monk+, TY32, K's 64, Qian39 on the Walnut.

    Generally for earbuds, the Walnut drives them really well. The clarity and enhancement of the trebles are what i like most. The bass was also present (i dont expect much on the lows).

    For IEMs, initial impression on Tennmak Pro was really good, soundstage widens compared to the S5 and Zishan. Senzer and ZST was mehhh, there were no bass presences. ZS3 was another weird case as they had too much bass (not my sound sig).

    Weird thing happened ytd when i plug in my ZST into my S5 with the same SD card i was using on Walnut and the bass was in my face. So i thought i should try it with the Walnut again. So i went home to charge the Walnut but after 3 hrs it hasnt fully charge, but when i plug in the ZST 10mins ago, the bass was in my face too. I was wondering if it dodnt have enough juice (cant really be as ZST were the first to be paired with the Walnut when i got them and had them fully charged)

    Not really complaining but its just weird for me. And another thing i noticed is that sometimes when u on the player and the first few somgs u might hear stuttering but when u press previous and next it would fix most of the time, but not all. Is this perhaps i didnt remove the tags correctly? Using Foobar btw.

    PS: Still enjoying this hell of a player
  15. nocchi
    I did a ridiculous battery mod on my walnut, I used a smartphone battery lying around my room lol.

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