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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. rockingthearies
    How do I check if the light is broken? I mean I wouldn't mind if it would still charge I am just worried if its not charging
  2. dennisopk
    The Walnut and TY HI Z32 sound so good now after 8 days since receiving them almost 20 hrs on daily.
    With Patricia Barber -Cafe Blue, the sound stage and imbients sound like a 300B troide single ended amp. I am sorry, that is only my imagination,both the peanuts can't sound like that.
    But their sound separations are really good, Metallica -  Master of Puppet and Sodom -Agent Orange, I can hear clearly the bassists doing their things and thuds of the bass drum so clearly now and with impact and pace of a high price DAP
    High end sound (near), low end cost???. I am now thinking whether I should sell off my Fiio X5ii... Buy a few more units of the Walnuts and start the op amps rolling.
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  3. nick n

    Have a close look at the lens. It is a 3 prong led so on either side at the end/tip should be a flat filament that looks like half of an unside down arrowhead. the middle should be a thin filament. If either of those are looking not precise or curled in any way it is likely fried.
  4. aleksdev
    Little about output resistance. In one review on russian web site about chines goods one man in comments wrote that headphones out connected to the amp out through 100 ohm resistor and 47 uF capacitor. If it is true, it can be the reason why the output resistance so big. Still waiting for my unit, so can't check this information.
  5. rockingthearies
    I realised it was actually the usb charging port for some reason it was loose. And the charging port dropped out, opened a dispute seeing if i can get an exchange. Or checking if anybody could fix it for me
  6. nick n
    If you let folks know where you live roughly, no need to be exact , someone closer to you could be of assistance for resoldering it.
    Probably save a long wait that way or even if there is a local store that repairs phones etc.
  7. rockingthearies
    Ahh I see thanks btw I live in Singaoore anybody's help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. LionPlushie
    finally got mine.

    but mine doesnt come with the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.. and the micro sd is already in my walnut. does that mean i am only supposed to use it as a dap? :3
  9. nocchi
    I've never had any experienced about opamp rolling before. So I tried to look some opamp on our broken stereo receiver and CD player. I found one its JRC4458, de-solder it and installed on walnut and it sounds identical to the walnut's stock opamp but with more bass punch. Any thoughts of this opamp I found?
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  10. LionPlushie

    i just got mine as well. i couldnt get the led to light up using power bank or from my usb hub. the led light up the moment i used the plug that came with my phone.
  11. nick n
    Some opamps are mono/single channel only be careful to look. Yours is dual channels.
    Here is the Datasheet. Maybe you'll get some comments on it.
    Did find some online info about it being used for power  in an overdrive , might have been a pro audio mixer console/device or something like that ( I forget already ).
    Also saw mention used in a guitar pedal.
    Though it is a good sign it was in a stereo already :p, which one was it in?
    All that matters is trouble free excellent sound you like.
  12. music4mhell
    So Walnut is a big hit now in Headfi ?
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  13. peter123

    As long as you don't visit the RMAA thread yes :wink:
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  14. music4mhell
    Now, i am tempted to do so. Thanks for heads up, let me prepare then :)
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  15. music4mhell
    HD6XX + Walnut !

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