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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. groucho69
    The little hold switch is gone and the card slot indicator is larger
  2. groucho69
  3. groucho69
    I an NOT anal! 
  4. nick n
    YES no hold switch anymore, etc. HA
  5. Dark Helmet
    How does it sound compared to V2 stock?
  6. nick n
    been too busy to check, hopefully later tonight.
  7. Dark Helmet
    I have two that came in last week. Been out of town, I wonder if mine are the newer ones?
  8. Rainverse
    No more op amp rolling on the new nuts :disappointed: was planning on another one for a/b testing op amps. Looks like I'll have to look for a used unit. My friend has the new version.
    Changes (according to my friend, haven't tested it first hand)
    >2nd micro usb for data transfer so you don't have to remove the sd card every time you want to load songs I think it also supports OTG so you can read files off of your usb
    >Hold switch is gone now
    >Fixed the issue with the volume pot
  9. flamesofarctica
    Have noticed CKLewis have updated the photos and can see the 2 micro USB slots, no hold button etc on there as well. Intrigued as to whether there are sound differences, and around improvements to fix volume control issues, so turns out I now have another Walnut on the way.
  10. nocchi

    So the opamp is now soldered on the board?
  11. Dark Helmet
    Would love to hear from T.R.A.N.C.E. and Vapman about the change.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Check for the second USB, apparently. :wink: Lol.
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    Isn't a hold button very important?! Or maybe it's only needed on the Benjie S5. :wink:
  14. nick n

    Yes on the underside.
    It just won't be as fast or super simple a swapout, but still doable for those that are careful soldering.
  15. silverfishla
    What are some other good small headphone amps that allow Op Amp rolling.  I just ordered one of these 10 days ago just to do that...and a Burson V5i.  I'm going to need something to put that Burson in now.
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