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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. seabass85
    Hey Guys,
    I received the Walnut a few weeks ago and followed the instructions on the first few posts (except for one) and put in a sd card with wav files on it. It worked and listened to a few songs and it really sounded great. The player battery died, i was too eager and didn't charge the unit first.
    I cannot play any music anymore. wav files don't work. I can use to unit in amp mode with another dap but not alone trying to read from the sd card, i've tried multiple different cards to make sure it wasn't corrupt. I turn the unit on with a card with a few wav files and the yellow light flashes for 15-20 seconds then stays solid. no music.
    I also held the next to turn digital volume up. no dice.
    Any advice? Did i kill it by letting the battery die at such a low charge?
  2. nick n
    Elna Starget 47uf output caps on the way, from what I gather the signature is between the Cerafine and the Silmic.
    If that proves true it could be ideal.
    Also some of those newer 1688 opamps on the way as I have seen some positive  impressions ( soic size so will put on DIP-8 adapters which finally arrived after over 2 months.) And a few different newer series UCC/Chemicon for the power supply.
    I guess everyone is out enjoying their Walnuts  and don't have time to post up.
    seabass85 :
     Not totally sure what is happening there.
    Maybe the bitrate/sampling rate/whatever are too high on the wav files?
    The first few posts might have some special info on that, i know there was something  about bitrate/similar issues  recently in here somewhere.
    Maybe vapman can remember where it is.
    it's about all I can think of.
  3. tobar
    Walnut is just arrived. I Put in microUSB cable and connect to charge, the led on the bottom started to blink red and green very fast. Is this normal? I read that when it is charging, led could be red and yellow when fully charged..

    Edit: seems that when battery is low and in charge, the light is solid red with some green blinking. Viceversa, when the battery starts to be more charged the led remain solid green with some red flashes. Maybe is fully charged when remain solid green.. tonight I test for the first time walnut to see if it works..
  4. macky112
    Guys, my Walnut stopped working...

    I changed caps again and this time, after turning on the volume knob I still hear the pop, but no music and led no light. Turning off the knob still has the shut off noise

    Any suggestions?
  5. groucho69
    Post some pics of the board and maybe one of the modders with knowledge can help
  6. LaughMoreDaily
    CKLewis refunded me for my lost Walnut v2... It's been almost 90 days of waiting. I hope my other Walnut from another seller gets here in a reasonable time.
    In other news, I swear I saw my postman listening to it! :wink:
  7. groucho69
    I was beginning to think that you'd end up with V3 by the time you got one.
    DBaldock9 likes this.
  8. heraleks
    Nutty potentiometer :)
    5PCS/LOT 8pin RV097NS dual potentiometer B10K with switch audio / power amplifier / sealing potentiometer
  9. Dark Helmet

    What is the advantage of these over stock potentiometer?
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    Yeah, me too. I was hoping it would arrive in the mailbox and I'd be like, "Wow! This is the new Walnut v3! I got it before anyone else!" Only to realize I "paid for it" six months before. :wink:
    It's sad to see packages go missing, people still do steal mail, but it's more of a rarity then it was back in the day.
  11. macky112
  12. heraleks
    This is the same potentiometer as in Walnut. My stock dead.. Black dots on inner ring.
  13. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    One last photo of my Walnut V2, before I send it off to @vapman.
    The charge point microUSB input fell off, so I am donating it to vapman to do with it as he wishes.
    (The earphone is the Double Tap Audio - R1, made from real bullet casings)

    DBaldock9 likes this.
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    I love the look of your RED Walnut! What did it take? Some painters tape to cover up the essentials and a few paint splashes like working with a canvas?
  15. endia
    finally did some more mods on my walnut;
    crappy opamp socket changed to a premium one (i strongly suggest this mod),
    potentiemeter changed by alps rk097
    1000 uF pw supply cap, switch legs on potentiemeter and opamp power pins bypassed by 0.1 uF wimas..
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