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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Byfrost
    Hmm.. I'm not too sure about the batteries issue. All my Aliexpress orders shipping I chose is the default Aliexpress Free shipping option. I once purchased the Benjie S5 from Aliexpress, no batteries shipping issue.
  2. Byfrost
    Well, I just did a search on Lazada Singapore, and look what I found.
    Looks like CKLewis has a store on Lazada.
  3. xuan87
    Oh dayum! That's a good price!
  4. Byfrost

    About the same as Aliexpress after you factor in card charges etc.
    Lazada is already in SGD.
    And for the forum people info, I have contacted CK Lewis (Mr. Lewis Liu)  and he confirmed that this (Lazada Store) is his official store. I messaged him on Aliexpress a moment ago to confirm.
  5. DBaldock9
    Just used the AliExpress Android app, to order a Walnut from the DD-Audio Store, for $23.76 w/free ePacket shipping to the USA.
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    Thanks. I guess someone stole his package. It was supposed to arrive weeks ago.
  7. peter123

    We had a fire in our house a while back and somewhere in all the mess my Sextett's disappeared, I'm pretty sure someone from the cleaning company did break them and didn't tell as none of my other stuff is missing. I've filed a complaint so I'll probably get some money back for them but not much enough to buy a new pair I'm afraid.

    When yours starts flashing again because you touch the volume knob does it still work properly as an amp?
  8. Dark Helmet
    Will 2.2k Ohm work, and does it matter if it's 1/4 watt or 1/8 watt?
  9. vapman
    1k ohm is ideal
    2k ohm is not ideal but will work in a pinch
    2,2k i would just hold out to get my hands on something below 1.5k.
    And might as well go for 1/4 watt since the resistors are literally there just to drain the caps empty.
  10. Dark Helmet
    I just figured 1/8 since they are smaller.  Have you done the mod?
  11. vapman
    Only on one of my units and i used 1/8 watt as well but if i had 1/4 i would have use d them.
    No more pop and if there is any its like a very gentle patter as opposed to the WHOMP HOPE YOU DIDNT NEED THOSE DRIVERS pop.
  12. Dark Helmet
    Makes me wonder if this has anything to do with the noise I have been getting excluding the poo noise from inserting the headphone in to the jack.
  13. vapman
    If you put 2.2 kohms there then yeah :wink:
  14. endia
    what is the purpose of that capacitor next to usb input?
  15. heraleks
    Also for better filtering of high-frequency noise from the power converter. I use ceramic x7r 22uF and MKT film 0.22uF. IMG_20170330_233129.jpg
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