Wagnus Cables Thread

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  1. AnakChan Moderator

    What's "wrong" with your current cable?
  2. ExiledHearts
    hmm nothing wrong with it.. just looking for the improve sq overall by changing cable. do u have any suggestion? i cant afford sieve sheep other than that i am fine
  3. seeteeyou
    Any impressions of this ToTL ¥45,000 IC yet?
    WAGNUS. high-end mini to mini cable Diamond Dust ”Fimbul”

    1. Diamond Dust type aenigma ×9conductors
    2. Special twisting treatment
    3. WAGNUS.mastering quality soldering
    4. Oyaide P3.5G
  4. ExiledHearts

    does the silver flake for free or extra cost?
  5. seeteeyou
    Diamond Dust silver nugget costs an additional ¥3,000
    Another new product ”Sungrazer”
  6. mysony1

    Hi Mimouille,

    I would like to know for Fitear 335 you have try on the Wagnus diamond dust.

    Just want to heard some comments regard this cable. Hope you don't mind to share the experience with me.

    I am looking for a cable to replace 001.

    Recently I just got a cable from Beat audio Primma Donna for my custom Roxanne US790. Sound amazing.

    Not sure about Wagnus.
  7. Bootsy1
    Diamond Dust Fimbul mini cable- Sourced from Cold War era 1980s from either Russia or Bulgaria. Price is ¥50000. Great all rounder with a big soundstage.
  8. Zelda
    My impressions on the Moonless: here
  9. Occy
    I demo'd some Wagnus cables at Fujiya fest yesterday and had a short chat with Haru and Noble's Wizard. I was very impressed with build quality and sound. I have been considering either a cable upgrade for my ZX2->K10, or selling the ZX2 and getting a Chord Mojo and using my smartphone as a source. Honestly, the Diamond Dust cable paired with the ZX2/K10 proved a great bang-for-buck improvement even without the correct TRRS connector to suit the ZX2, so I've decided to go that route (with the correct connector) instead of getting the Mojo.

    TL;DR Wagnus cables are worth a serious consideration!
  10. yanaginagi
    Does anyone know any way to purchase these fabulous cables outside Japan? Are there any authorized sellers/distributors available?
  11. boomtube
    Looking for opinions...anyone pair Diamond Dust with Tralucent 1plus2? Impressions?
  12. productred
    Haven't paired with the 1+2 but the DD is a very revealing and transparent cable - resembles the 1+2's signature, a like-for-like combo which may sound a tad thin as a result
  13. syakuron
    Is wagnus proton a good cable? I can't find any info on it...
    Trying to upgrade my pp8 cable, and would like to have more extension on highs
  14. azabu
    I was able to audition the Wagnus diamond dust with my fitear TG334. The first thing that stood out was the quality of the connectors, it's like they've been hand cast, just stunning. The DD cable is extremely transparent and suits the TG334 perfectly. Originally I was after a slightly dry sounding cable, the DD highlights (to me) that isn't the case.

    The only issue is the cable is extremely microphonic. If Wagnus could remove the microphonics through better insulation and braiding, it would be an easy recommendation.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  15. azabu
    Double post.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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