Wagnus Cables Thread

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  1. Bootsy1

    You're right, they both look and sound sweet, I don't think I could go wrong either way.
  2. lescanadiens
    Hi Bootsy,

    Forgot to ask the picture of the Bewo?
    Do you have a picture?

  3. Bootsy1

    Hi lescanadiens,
    I messaged Haru for the actual name of the mocha "Bewo" cable, but it's going on 1:00am Tokyo time and I don't think I'll get a response tonight. Here's some pics to hold you guys over till then.
  4. Bootsy1
    Surprise surprise , just got the info from Haru, I guess he's a night owl too. Alright, and I quote

    "This one is maybe "Choco Banana late' "

    "It's made by 1970's east Germany wires. And I blended by vintage solders. Not much rare wire but it have bit interesting sound. "
  5. efftee

    Haha, I'm sure that wasn't the reason. 7 items without a pouch would have been mayhem to post!
  6. lescanadiens
    Hi Bootsy,

    Thanks! Surely Haru san has good ears for vintage wires and taste for funky names!
    He makes his cables like limited edition cables for us to choose. Honestly tempted
    to get those and don't know where to start :)
    Are you ready to give brief impressions on your new toys? [​IMG]
  8. efftee

    Unfortunately, my K10 and Fitears are only expected to arrive early Feb. However, I did managed to sneak a listen to the Sieve Sheep on a borrowed 335 and all I can say for now is, it's promising!

    I did play with the Baby Sheep and Ice Sword interconnects on both the AK240 and Lotoo Paw Gold with the Porta Tube and Carot One Nik-58. I can't really tell much difference between the two sonically, both I like more than the Voshkod and Himmel, but the Baby Sheep is such a joy to use, being so pliant and light, that it's my default IC now. The Ice Sword is completely befitting its name -- hard and stiff, qualities much better for something rather than cable or so my girlfriends say... :D

    I'll share more detailed impressions some time in Feb.
  9. efftee
    The Fitears (333 and 335) have landed! Initial impressions of the Luna on the 333, superb clarity on the mids and highs, very open sound, great sound stage, absolutely nailed the solo violin pieces though a bit bright on female vocals, especially soprano arias. Still, very impressive indeed. I thought the bass would be non-existent but not shabby at all. That is, until, I listened to the 335 on the Sieve Sheep. I can't say it loses out to the 333-Luna on clarity, it is a tad warmer, but beyond pieces demanding great mids/highs, the 335-SS is, in my opinion, quite hard to be beat on the music I listen to. I find myself listening to one more piece after another with the 335-SS, don't really want to stop haha!
    So far, it's just on the RWAK240 balanced out. I will test the 2 Fitears, 3 Wagnus cables (Luna, Sieve Sheep and Diamond Dust) on my other DAPs, Lotoo Paw and Tera, as well and report back later.
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  10. AnakChan Moderator
    Congrats!! What's 335-SS? Is this the MH335DW-SR CIEM?

    335 + Sieve Sheep cable
  12. efftee
    Thank you.
    Have your customs & cables undergone significant burn-in time?
  14. efftee
    None of any significance. As I understand, BAs don't require much, if any, burn in. The cables I have played with on some demos now and then while waiting for the phones to arrive. What kind of burn in do you think I need?
  15. ExiledHearts
    hello guys i am struggling here to find the right cable for fitear parterre and my player is ak 120 II.. Which wagnus cable is good? 
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