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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. KamijoIsMyHero
    It's not like KHH is immune to producing posers and glorifying something that doesn't even exist in their country*cough* YGE *cough*
    Talking of gritty, a rapper from Camden New Jersey

    The way I always took something that may not be relatable (gangs, organized crime, drug wars) is to envision the stories rappers rap about them. Ask myself why they rap about those topics and finally what exactly can I learn from these tales. If the vibe is good, then of course that is a bonus. In their bare essence, rap was "the ghetto's CNN."  As such, depending on the artist, I still treat it so. The only reason gangster/drug/trap/etc rap still around is because the environment still exist. People living in those environments have just as much right to voice their opinions as those that did it 10-20-30-40 years ago.
  2. sfwalcer
    But YGE is not really underground hip hop though cuz they are just mainstream kpop laced with wannabe hip hop influences/ flavors just like mainstream hip pop in the states/ elsewhere these days.
    Anywho, new B-free is FYRE!!! Welp most of the tracks anyways. haha Great production and diversity in beats/ styles but can't say i liked all the songs. The album flows a lot better with some songs taken out to make it mo' bangerz worthy. : P
    And god i hate skits that are connected to the songs, kinda ruins a good stand alone track.
    01. Intro
    02. Good Year
    03. 20130804 (skit)
    04. Hot Summer
    05. 불타
    06. 느껴 (feat. Kid Ash)
    07. 막지못해
    08. It Ain't Easy [Korean Dream] (feat. Jinbo)
    09. 20130806 (skit)
    10. Cream
    11. 뻔한 사랑 노래 (same old love song)
    12. Fly (feat. Loco, S'WAY.D)
    13. Song For My Mama
    14. Pray (feat. Reddy)
    15. 안녕
    16. 기억해 (Bonus Track)


  3. eggyhustles

  4. iambasedgod
    herb delivering flames as usual. hope his song with earl sweatshirt is on his new mixtape.
    you didnt like it aint easy???? I probably wouldve liked the album more if it had more banger type shizz (ie feats with okasian paloalto etc.) no complaints tho was a good album 
  5. sfwalcer
    No idea who this guy is but sounds pretty decent. Sure got his swag factor down. LoL [​IMG]
    "It ain't easy" was good but seems like it could have been better, maybe the hook or something was holding it back, or maybe it was jinbos singing. : P
  6. KamijoIsMyHero
    I don't mind skits as long as they are short. It can offer a good transition within the album without making the song selection seem schizo. -That alliteration though-   
  7. sfwalcer

    Same here but i just don't like skits that are connected to the tracks. Stand alone skits is fine though..... THAT ALTERATION IS GODLY!!! Problem??? [​IMG]
    Go listen to that album with those tracks deleted and see how much better it flows/ bangs. [​IMG]
    Sometimes less is mo'. :  )
  8. eggyhustles
    His mixtape http://www.datpiff.com/Lil-Herb-Welcome-To-Fazoland-mixtape.580474.html





  9. TwinQY
  10. KamijoIsMyHero
    I have heard about Death Grips since they were first reviewed on my fave album review site and I still think they are better served being labeled into some other alternative genre. 
    ...  hi TwinQY, been a while since you posted here.
  11. sfwalcer
    Sounds mo' like glitch/ trip-hop stuff to me, but doesn't his stuff have like single tracks or something. Personally i think Simo's stuff is much better but we already know how da anal one feels about him. : P
    Maybe he was inspired by Lil Herbs gangsta swagga' kill kill ish which made him post something to balance out??? i dunno but dat anal one works in mysterious ways.... but obscure/ strange sounding noise doesn't ALWAYS make it good/tasteful/ art. :wink: 
    If i was trippin' balls/ out then that's another story. [​IMG]
  12. KamijoIsMyHero
    Finally some NehruvianDOOM

    Nehru reminds me so much of Nas, kinda crazy
    new Ka, dropped an EP recently 1200 B.C.
    get some knowledge, Nardwaur going crazy on WU-TANG

  13. linglingjr

  14. KamijoIsMyHero


  15. dakanao
    This guy can drum with his voice:

    The guy @ 1:33.
    I don't think a flow can get much better than this. Faster? Sure. But better? Yes, but not by much.
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