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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. linglingjr
    Added others to my first post. Some call him a jazz singer, snobs get all pissy with "lounge" or "easy listening" like most people call it.
  2. sfwalcer
    hey hey hey i do my share. [​IMG]
    ... DD is still meh to me, never was a fan of their stuff, though they seem to have a great tyme as always which is what music is all about i guess. : P
    But for reals for reals though.... can i get a hug??? :wink:
    ... not bad not bad at all......
    What whatcha' say about my Logic huh? Huh?? HUH???!!!
    you right though i do stan him mo' than cornball arse Lupe these days. : P

    Watch out for dat incoming CLASSIC LP from Logic. I called it 1st!!!
  3. sfwalcer
    Oh and there is also this.....
    ... but after that terriBAD Latyrx "The Second Album" and his previous lackluster releases my hopes ain't so high for this upcoming release tbh.
    Hope i am wrong though. :  )
  4. KamijoIsMyHero
    that last video 0.0 There are puppets but now I know there are buttpets as well
    Oh man, I keep forgetting to check this guy out. I have seen a lot of recs from this guy too.
  5. sfwalcer
    Welp for what's it's worth, Lyrics Born goes all the way back with cats like DJ Shadow, folks from Blackalicious, Dilated Peoples, etc etc that use to be in a crew together.
    It seems that their best works are in the past and their current stuff sounds more of the twi-hard variant in order to stay relevant or what have you, so if you are gonna check them out made sure it's their oldies.....
  6. jaybird123
    Yeah there is a whole CD from galactic, but not all of it as jazzy. The CD is actually called from the corner to the block, that song was was the namesake song. 
    Gang Starr was doing it as a group before Guru had that series, they sampled a couple famous jazz pieces in the album no more nice guy. Especially, 
    . A night in tunisia is a dizzy classic. 
    Sinatra is....complicated to put into a genre lol. I suppose I should have clarified, no one is rapping over a 32 bar jazz progression in B flat, what I was referring to is similar to that song. THe reason for that is rappers don't work with jazz musicians generally, they may have a horn player, but they work with a band that is capable of playing several genres, like the roots can. Typically they aren't well versed in jazz, so what you hear wont really sound that "jazzy."
     The roots happen to be an exceptional band, so they can sound more properly jazz when they want. I like the roots because they always lay down a great bass line. Organix is a fantastic cd.  I'm not going to go through it all, but look at their earlier CDs. Illadelphia halflife and organix. It isn't exactly what you are asking for, but its as close as I have off the top of my head, I'm sure theres more out there. 
    There...is also this...which is actually rapping over jazz..and it's pretty terrible. But when it was released it was popularish. 
    AND a song all of you should hear, jazz not involved, just greatness. Well they use a sample here or there but not to rap over, just as  an intro or something. 
    I'm confident you all have heard this already..hopefully. 

  7. thug behram
    Anybody use the he-400 and think they're good for the genre?

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  8. ferday
    I adore my he400 for hip hop. The bass is superb. Some find it a bit hot in the upper treble, it's nothing a touch of EQ can't fix
  9. MrViolin
    Beware of the language. I just found this yesterday (so slow) and it was pretty awesome 
    Staring Master Troll [​IMG]
  10. KamijoIsMyHero
    new buckshot

    Did you post on the right thread? Was master troll the black guy? I thought he was Chineses in real life.
  11. linglingjr
    I was thinking the same thing.  
  12. sfwalcer
    nah i is Brack son dunno whatcha' be talkin' about. [​IMG]
    Pretty damn HYPED for the new B-free album tbh, and based on the background tracks on this vid, it sounds like it will be awesome.
    ... loves vids that give ya' a real glimpse of how a country really is without all the BS glamour fluff that a lot of the tymes that movies tend to only show. South Korean still looks pretty damn gritty meng, similar to a lot of the other Asian countries that are still "developing." 
    edit: oh and they don't call him the Spamdasama for nothin' ya' know. [​IMG]
  13. linglingjr
    You're joking right?  You don't think that video shows you what it's like in "developing" cultures or the "ghetto" do you? To be honest, I think these videos do a much better job showing what under developed communities are REALLY like:



    Keep in mind I don't think any of that is good music.  I do appreciate the views it gives me into these brutal very ethnically diverse cultures - something I would most likely never get to experience with out significant consequences and most likely death. 
  14. sfwalcer
    LMAO not sure if you are serious with those vids or are you just pulling my legs..... by "gritty" i wasn't really talking about "ghettos/ slums" per se but was just comparing how sometimes the image of other countries you see are over glamorized from their depictions in movies ans such as these beautiful almost "perfect" modern cities, etc. But in reality the majority of the places are kinda run down, overcrowded, etc. 
    See that is the thing though, those vids you posted is almost like the glorified view of the American ghettos in a bad perverse kinda way, just as MTV is guilty of glorifying "gangsta culture" in hip hop/rap. Schiit like that do happened in real live, but it ain't even close to how it is portrayed in those music video meng. All that bling bling, whip, beyatches, killin' ish is longgggggg played out in the hip hop genre for me.
    That was one of the reasons i don't really listen to gangsta hip hop at all, cuz i just can't relate to it. Not like i am saying that genre is completely BS but majority of the content in those songs are completely made up nonsense. Korean hip hop don't really dwell on all those stupid topics as much me thinks, maybe they just don't have the "street cred" and such but seeing all that material/ sexual flaunting etc over and over again in American hip hop gets boring/ stupid/ stale real quick and that's why the hip hop scene is so stagnant nowadays in the country that literally pioneered it???
  15. linglingjr
    Yes I was completely joking lol.  I totally agree with what you said though, beautifully put.
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