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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sfwalcer
    yeppp dem KC06 birds are no joke and more than does justice to all the hip hop that i listen to. In fact i got meself 2 sets of them birds, one gold one silver. [​IMG]
    Get that dusty black and white ish outta' here. Dat Bob Dylan rap needs a trap beat remix tbh. : P
    He sure was spitting fyre/ troof there though, nice one. Meng political hip hop was the only thing i listen to initially when i got into this genre so being political and coming with a message on a track is not always a turn off.  But one has to have a fine balance of catchiness, political messages, etc etc in an effortless way in order to make music work. I mean you don't just listen to music just to learn/ grow as a person but for enjoyment as well. If it ain't fun and is all preachy and ish, it ain't gonna work no matter how powerful/ wonderful your ideas/ messages are.
    Old Lupe tracks was able to achieve this fine balance for me, but his more recent stuff is a bit off it seems.
    C'mon it ain't THAT bad right??? But then again i don't listen to a lot of jazz nor blues. :  (
    So i'll take your words for it, but wait do your arse even listen to hip hop meng??? [​IMG]
  2. linglingjr
    What ever you do don't search for a "dubstep" remix of anything because they're out their and they're all pretty cringe worthy.  I totally agree with message and sound balance, well put.  That being said I also get a lot of enjoyment  my sister gets a lot of enjoyment from the stereotypical type of artists - Little Jon, Rick Ross, etc all bring me and my sister great pleasure.  You see I have a 1977 nova (which was apparently the go to car for drug dealers in in the 80s) and we enjoy rolling through our well kept, low crime rate community blasting "I Don't Give a *****" and other poorly produced but beautifully written songs.
  3. sfwalcer

    you glorious mofos you!!! [​IMG]
    THUG LYFE FO' LYFE!!! But 1st thing 1st though, pics of the whip or it didn't happen.
    Wanna see my sexcee whip.....
  4. KamijoIsMyHero
    Have you listened to him pre "lean back" era? I believe he changed to a considerably wacker ghostwriter around that time. He was fine when Pun was still around.
  5. sfwalcer
    yeah mean when he was known as lean joe instead of..... bad joke but you know what i mean. :wink:
    Don't think i listened to much hip hop back then, or at least seriously anyways so yeah...... no never heard his OG stuff.
    Care to link a few gems that you love from his pre "lean back" dayz???
  6. KamijoIsMyHero
    He is actually leaner now than he was back then, I mean just look at this guy try to play bball here lol

    a classic

    DITC era


  7. jaybird123
    Yeah of course, or else I wouldn't waste my time in this thread. Although until someone introduced me to tech n9ne 6-7 years ago i thought all rap was utter ***. 
  8. KamijoIsMyHero
    "you're suppose to appreciate the lyrics, not the beat" - that's actually in my siggy although reworded more poetically.
    The horn sounds poorly sampled if it was a sample anyway. Then abused into the beat like it was drum sample smh.
    Can you post modern Jazz sampled hip-hop songs? I actually have a hard time finding them nowadays.
  9. Change is Good
    Beanie Sigel's latest album "This Time" has a modern jazz feel to it. I dig it, but some don't...

  10. KamijoIsMyHero
    lol I miss one hyphen and it changes what I meant. I meant "modern Jazz-sampled hip-hop songs" or newer/modern artist that employ jazz-samples. I don't have enough knowledge about jazz to be able to tell the difference between modern and non-modern recordings to be honest. 
    It was a good song and is the type I am looking for actually.
  11. linglingjr
    Like this?
    And probably my favorite song of his:
  12. KamijoIsMyHero
    Yes, it sounds nice, looking for more as well.
  13. jaybird123
    Hahaha that hyphen changes everything. Personally, modern-jazz is utter *** as well, but thats a different story. And no, I personally can't because imo they typically aren't used frequently. What is more common now is just straight up rapping over jazz played by a band, instead of being sampled. If not jazz, then jazz/funk inspired music. Such as galactic or the roots, but galactic doesn't have many albums with rapping in it as they are mostly a jam band. Im very much a purist when it comes to jazz, so if its implented nicely in other music I'll listen, otherwise something like that lupe song just ruins the entire song for me. 
    heres a galactic track with a brass band playing in it. 
    gang starr uses some jazz  in this, if it is only for a short period of time in place of a chorus. It to is played instead of sampled, but closer to what you asked. 

  14. linglingjr
    Logic has a bunch of tracks that sample Sinatra, "One" and "Just a Man" come to mind.  "500 Days of Summer" by Logic samples "Nothing's Burning" too.  Can't really name too many rap artists that sample jazz.  Electronic music is a different story.
    EDIT: Sinatra isn't really modern.... I also completely forgot about Galactic, probably because most of their stuff doesn't have rapping over it (Thank god)
  15. KamijoIsMyHero
    post those ones..I haven't heard of anybody straight up rapping over a jazzband that isn't boombap tuned
    That Juvenile track is sick. I am assuming there has to be more similar of that nature with New Orleans rappers. I am pretty familiar with Guru's Jazzmatazz series although I have feeling he was more fond of slow-mid tempo recordings as it suited is flow the best.
    Sinatra is jazz? Didn't even know. The only works I know from Logic are the ones posted by sfwalcer since he stans him hard but he slacks so much now a days and barely posts anything. Except some random KPOP girlgroup and crappy Lupe tracks now and then.
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