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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. MrViolin
    Thanks, kind sir [​IMG]
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    Line up is like a 00s dream team


  3. thug behram
    whatre your go-to headphones for rap? for me:

    open: fidelio x1, closed: denon d2000, iem: dunu dn-1000
  4. Change is Good
    SRH1540 and H3
  5. sfwalcer
    No THANK YOU, you lovely wonderful spam you.
    But for realz for realz i actually don't care for spam much irl. Too D'YAM salty!!! [​IMG]
    meh, can't get into fat joe for the lyfe of me.
    .... sounds like a primary beat??? [​IMG]
    The Ostry KC-06, Sony MH1, Brainwavz R3, Vsonic VSD1, VC02 are the few that i use nowadayz. Use the KC-06s the most cuz the sound sweet with my weak sauce Nokia N9 that doesn't have much power but drives the Ostrys beautifully.
    The Sony H3s are amazing for hip hop without a doubt. Sounds like a much much more refined Sony MH1/C tbh.
  6. sfwalcer
    Any input on this track. Pretty catchy tbh. Not bad not bad.....
    "Why is this guy so CHEAP with his production? Worst beats in hip hop history. SMH, and no one better reply with that "you're suppose to appreciate the lyrics, not the beat" bullsh!t"
  7. jaybird123
    Both need to be good, but it's pretty poorly produced. That hornish sound effect and overall crackling is terrible. 
  8. sfwalcer

    Dem broken arse horns is what made the beat great meng and it goes pretty well with dat trappy-esque beat. It's a bit simplistic/ repetitive but it's catchy enough for me.
    Of course that trap beat is nowhere near as nice as the ones that Hi-lite makes, hmmm certain sections of that lupe beat sounds just like this one.....
    ... now this is trap done right. Loopy is still not on this level yet sadly beat choice/ energy wise. : P
  9. jaybird123
    Im all for a horn noise..just not that one. 
  10. sfwalcer

    Guess da sound of a lazy arse broken arse horn ain't your cup of tea then??? [​IMG]
    Dem laid back ish can be ok at tymes, not all horns will blow ya'... away.  [​IMG]
  11. thug behram
    Lupe is such a cornball to me, I can't listen. My fav rapper of all time is Nas. You guys here about that Your Old Droog guy that sounds almost identical to Nasir?

    Best rappers at the time IMO are Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, and Heems (Das Racist).
  12. sfwalcer
    LoL i gots to somewhat agree with you there esp. these days. His older stuff seems much more "relatable", effortless if you will, where as his new stuff sounds kinda whinny and preachy a lot of the tymes which just makes him sound old and dated. LMAO if that makes any sense.
    Maybe it's the lazy arse flow that he uses a lot these day, or the subject matter he picks but yeah..... despite i am still a huge fan as ya'll can tell. haha
    For some reason i never got that much into Nas. [​IMG]
    Don't think i have listened to his albums more than 2X.
  13. waynes world

    Those KC06's are really damned sweet. Possibly even surpass the mighty mt300's! Seriously, I love those birds.
  14. linglingjr
    Couldn't agree more. Didn't know that new song existed, nice to see that it's not another "Our government is terrible, here's my opinion on foreign affairs".
    Any OnCue or Hi-Rez fans here?  Majority of their stuff actually has some substance to it lyrically.  Also, Bob Dylan is one of the best rappers of all time.  As all the cool kids say today, he spits absolute fire with this "bars".  Right?:
  15. jaybird123
    I mean, i listen to a lot of jazz, although lately less, i do like horns, quite a bit. That song has a weak blues-ish sounding horn and it just sound ridiculous in the track. 
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