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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. KamijoIsMyHero
    XXL Freshman Cyphers:



    "a bunch of nobodies" cypher :xf_eek:

    First dude reminds me of Em with his self defamation, pretty fun to listen. The rest are just ooooooh weee!
  2. iambasedgod
    smh augusts verse >>>>>> everyone
    jon conners verse was coo....might check out his projects 
    why troy ave always counting money like he killa cam
    heard part of lil bibbys verse when he was at sways
    ty$ and rhq confirmed woat 
    lil durk cant speak on the mic correctly 
    also that 3rd beat whewwww
  3. EuphonicArin
    Hey, old friends, well, it's been awhile since I've posted, and I'm hoping y'all wont be mad at me for disappearing for so many months, but, such is my life, what with all my mental illnesses and such, in any case, hoping some of you found any new stuff since I last spoke on here
  4. sfwalcer

    WHO IS YOU!!! [​IMG]
    Or should i say who am i??? [​IMG]
    Been on lurker mode/mood of late as well cuz of trips and stuff so.....

    Good to see you are still hanging strong meng, sucks to hear about the mental illness thang cuz that ish can be serious. But good to see you posting again. :  )
    Anyone tried the new 50 Cent album??? LMAO [​IMG]
    Linkin Parky???
    Psy??? : P



  5. Change is Good
    You guys not in the mood for any of that gangsta south flavor, huh? Been a while...
    Lazy McWhiskey in the bulding... [​IMG]
  6. sfwalcer

    Meh never been into gangsta' rappity hippity hoppity tbh. Not really my style/ can't really relate, but is fun once in a while i guess, hurrr hurrr hurrrrrrrrrrr better recognize if you knowhatimeng. :wink:
    1st one to get/give me the answer that "herrr herrr herrrr" line wins a cheapo iem from me. [​IMG]
    Never lazy, just lurk HARDDDDDDDDDDDD AND DEEP!!!
  7. Change is Good
    Ha! You were bobbin' your head wit all dat dope ish I was postin', doe! LOL
  8. Change is Good
    Which reminds me, did you ever buy that Dayton Family album?
  9. sfwalcer
    You posted ish here before this session??? [​IMG]
    i don't recall tbh. [​IMG]

  10. sfwalcer

    Who's Dayton fam fam. [​IMG]
    Not j/k. [​IMG]
  11. Change is Good
    Looooong time ago... I was giving you a taste of the south....
  12. sfwalcer

    Yeah i remember was just trollin' ya'. BUT you do know i DON'T EVER look into ish you mofos be posting here right??? [​IMG]
    Can probably say the same for the stuff i post as well for ya'll. [​IMG]
    But for reals for reals dat WA$$UP practice vid is mad legit yo'.
    edit: oh btw how are those Sony H3 hanging for ya'???
    Still mad in love with them i see. :  )
    edit2: Just skip to 3.07 [​IMG]

  13. EuphonicArin
    Yeah, it's been more or less a roller-coaster that I dont think anyone would want to ride...
    in any case, I found this new kid a whiiile back (I'm talking a month or so ago) and his schiit was pretty alright,
    I liked this one, its got some nice flow and premise
  14. sfwalcer

    Just go listen to some kpop meng, THAT WILL FO' SHO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY!!! [​IMG]
    i am sure you will be the most popular kid on the block/school/crib, etc etc etc in no tyme on dat kpop.
    Promise!!! :wink:
  15. sfwalcer
    Enjoy you mofos. :wink:
    .... this is much much MUCH better than cyclops introspective concept MV.

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