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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. spkrs01
    Pretty much so for me, Interesting!
    Thanks for this.............
  2. Mimouille
    Stage 4 has more mid bass than SE5, wider soundstage, but not more trebble emphasis to my ears.
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  3. lee730
    Depending on the seal the V4 does have more bass emphasis than the SE5. The treble doesn't necessarily have more quantity than the SE5 but it is a lot more defined IMO. The SE5 treble will sound a bit boring in comparison. It's just simply some of the best treble I"ve heard on an IEM so far. That's not to say the SE5 treble is bad by any means. But that is how good I think the VE4 treble really is. The SE5 has better bass though. I like the mids on both. The SE5 has more intimate mids overall and can be more harsh on recordings in this area.
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  4. precsmo
    i have a very different impression from yours, either it is your listening preference or it is entirely due to the poor fit of the universal demo tips? I love my Stage 3. It is probable the most expensive CIEM to total of driver BA ratio. But the Stage 3 sounded so good to me, no other CIEMs convince me as much as the 3! I do not find the bass is lacking at all, it is so heavy, so tight, with so much extension of low end bass I was amazed I cannot find any speaker systems are able to make me hear such frequency spectrum! I'm not a bass head, but I prefer a headphone or earphone with plenty enough of bass, else, I don't find enough dynamic in them. Stage 3 has so much bass yet not overwhelming the mid and treble at all! 
  5. rudi0504

    Hi Lee
    I am agree with your impression , my favourite is VE stage 4
    I like to hear brass music like Dixie land jazz wow is very cool for brass orchestra
    I like the bass impact too and speed .
  6. precsmo
    to me experience, I personally find that it is extremely hard to judge on one's opinion with a demo CIEM. I strongly believe the fit from the universal tips with each tester yield very very different impression from each other, either very positively or negatively. Or probably every person has just very different listening preference. I definitely love the Stage 3 the most. I didn't have a chance to try the Stage 2, but I found the Stage 3 is definitely much much better to me compare to Stage 4. I couldn't get the same impression as to how so many commented with the Stage 4 that it is an amazing sounding CIEM. I got a very negative impression with the Stage 4, I just do not know why. It was way too boomy to me, the bass were just so heavy, yet poorly defined, with very v shape sounding like many suggest with quite roll off mid and high. However, the Stage 3 demo sounded very close to my final custom set, it was very neutral, extremely high fidality, perfect bass! Of course, my final Stage 3 is way better than the demo, thank god!
  7. lee730
    i found the stage 4 to be too bass heavy with shrill treble with a tight fit. But from what I am told these IEMs are not meant to have a tight fit even in CIEM form. Even with a tight fit I still did not find the Stage 3 to be that good. Just did not like it. I felt the bass is rolled off in both the mid and sub bass. I consider it more towards the bass light side. Even the EX1000 has more bass quantity IMO....
  8. james444 Contributor
    I'm holding back on comments because the demos I heard where different from the ones on tour. Suffice to say my VE3 didn't sound anything like you describe yours.
    Oh, and afaik bass can only roll off once, either in mid or in sub bass. [​IMG] 
  9. lee730
    The bass is lacking to me in both mid bass and sub bass. It does have slightly more sub bass emphasis than it's mid bass. But I consider both recessed. I find it somewhat bass light.
  10. james444 Contributor
    Ah, I see. Well, my understanding of the term is different and more in line with Wikipedia's definition, meaning that (like with a high pass or low cut filter) the frequencies below the roll-off are pretty much inaudible, so there can be no second roll-off. Since you're saying that sub bass has even slightly more emphasis than mid bass, I'd never call the mid bass rolled-off.
  11. lee730
    I feel that part of the frequency for both sub and mid bass are missing so that is why I mention both. Just doesn't sound right to my ears. As I mentioned earlier it sounds bass light to me even compared to the EX1000 which was bordering bass light itself (but in that case it was more so to do with just the quantity). I think in this case it's a little bit more than just the quantity though.... I tried using the bass boost on the Triad and that didn't do the trick either.
  12. Ultrazino
    Handmade by the legend himself - Mr. Reinsch!



    Perfection and nothing less. No refit needed. Perfect seal when sleeping and eating, too. I don't think I will put silicone tips into my ear canals anytime soon again. That time is over!

    It's a Rhines Stage 3, btw. "Only" 3 drivers, but through the half-transparent housing you can tell that these drivers will not fit into any universal easily.
  13. Mimouille
    Cool design and apparently great build.
  14. Ultrazino
    Yes, I am extremely stoked about the build.
    When I first considered customs, people steered me away and I crossed some horror stories about the seal breaking when eating or laying on the back. This is definitely not the case. These were extremely comfortable from the start and I am happy that a refit is not necessary.
    What I enjoy most is that you just put them in and enjoy the sound. No fiddeling around with different tips, varying in depth and size, twisting, turning, modding just to get the sound right. Just one twist and you're good to go.
  15. james444 Contributor
    Congrats, the build looks really great.
    If they fit you perfectly and don't break the seal when eating, that's testimony to the fact that the impressions have been done correctly. I had the same luck with my UERMs. However, putting my customs in is easily more challenging than just one twist and it's more effort than with universals to get them to slide into place. That probably depends on the form of one's outer ear and size of the shells, as my UERM's fill out the entire concha.
    Also, the option to change tips and perform mods on universals is a pro and not a con, at least in my book. With customs, you're simply stuck with the sound you get, for better or worse. Glad that yours sound exactly as you hoped for.
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