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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. rutter
  2. thisismyname
    I mean the treble wont sound as harsh or sibilant as that while burning in.
  3. rutter

    How long does it take for treble to stabilize or does it get worse?
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  4. thisismyname
    this should depend on the volume you listen, and the equipment you use to run in. Normally I turn down the volume if I hear any harshness from the treble, so maybe in my case the run in may take a little longer.

    I think around 300 hours should be okay for normal listening volume.
  5. toughnut
    Toranku also mentioned he auditioned in noisy environment.

    Low end usually the first one to be drown out in these situation and in process of trying to retrieve those bass, you crank up the volume.
  6. rutter
    Check out this impression:

  7. jmills8
    In Asia one can demo everything.
  8. thisismyname
    read that some time ago, I always doubt how much you can get from a demo, as there's always limitation. The best way to know a earphone/headphone/dap/amp/cable is to buy it and then go through the burn in process and pairing yourself.
  9. toughnut
    That mirror my impressions but for CL2.
  10. rutter
    So you guys completely disagree with it or? Does it lack body and weight?
  11. toughnut
  12. OnyX Prime
    I agreed with what the guy said about the treble before burn in and, “hey, let’s try low gain instead of high gain with a mini amp to pair with it!” Then I found a whole new scenario with the fw10k.
    When I first bought it during Jan or Feb this year for which I couldn’t recall precisely, I did consider selling after the first week with them, because of the treble harshness. I turned to this forum quite earlier on to express the concern of treble harshness and gave my 2 cents on cable rerolling, until David and jmills8 talked about tips rerolling. After that I did gave them another try with burn in after the 100 hr mark, with different settings for listening, they become the only pair of iem that I go to unless I want some extreme bass banging my head or rainy days, I’ll turn to my other iems. Now I try to keep them running non stop until I can hit the 1000hr run in mark.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  13. OnyX Prime
    10k surely do not lack the body and weight. I also found that the quality of the recording changes how it presents the track as well.
    Again 10k is power hungry, but not as extreme like the 1r does.

    Sry this suppose to be a reply post to Rutter’s post about lack of body and being thin
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  14. toughnut
    Heh, saw your signature. Maybe you can do a comparison between both :)
  15. OnyX Prime
    I would love to but seriously I am not a good reviewer with lots of technical vocabulary and my essay writing skill is far from satisfactory lol
    I did post some comments on both earlier in this thread and in the Sony IER-Z1R flagship thread, seriously nothing close to even an immature review, just sharing my thoughts.
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