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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. BlinkST
    That’s what I’ve been doing before I swap the cable for good. But still, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the music when I last heard them.
  2. rutter
    What other high end iems have you heard? What kind of songs are you listening to again?
  3. toughnut
    For recent flagship IEMs demo'd at few stores across Asia that I recall top of my memory. Among those, I also like Solaris, VE8 and Pro 18+.
    CA Solaris / Atlas, IER-Z1R, Noble Khan, Jomo Trinity, VE8, UE Pro 18+ / Live!, EE Phantom / Legend X

    Pop, Rap, Rock, Metal, EDM, Trance, Electro, OST

    P.S: I took leap of faith with FW10000 as it's not available for demo when I decided to purchase it. It is now available for demo at few stores.
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  4. rutter
    Wow! And you like the FW10K best? You're listening to many of the genres I like.

    What is the deal with seal and venting?
  5. toughnut
    Well vented which meant no driver flex like suffered on Xelento or Atlas/Vega. Also meant isolation wise not so good.

    Currently using Acoustune white tip, noise isolation improved compared to stock Spiral tip. Fit security/stability, stock tip still better.

    Just be mindful that due to IEM design, the “arm” with mmcx connector may touch your anti-helix and cause discomfort. Some review mentioned it but not me.
  6. rutter
    How bad is isolation and what kind of impact does that have on bass?
  7. toughnut
    Not as crap as iSine20 which I owned but not as good as custom. Slightly better than Xelento, slightly worst than Andromeda?

    For dynamic driver, especially low end, you need to provide air for it to work. I don’t recall any DD-based IEM with 100% isolation. That will damage your hearing?

    Here’s a recent article from crinacle on fixing DD response by controlling the vent on his custom N8.

    Key question is what you don’t like on Z1R. Lack of lower treble excitement? Bass-bleed into mid? Too much warmth?

    Perhaps this might help.
  8. rutter
    Lack of excitement past bass. Unlistenable when overdone but also not good when lacking. I think the soundstage can use improvement too. Not sure about detail. Bass quantity isn't bad on its own but imbalanced in the sound signature. I wouldn't use the words bleed or loose. It's contained. Maybe if you like bass and don't want higher frequencies being emphasized the IER-Z1R would be excellent.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  9. toughnut
    If the Z1R sound signature bothered you, what choice do you have?
  10. rutter
    Lol, what do you mean? I'll list them here in a few days. Can't listen to any iems. What I was reading before buying did not match my impression. I would rather have the IER-Z1R over the Solaris, which I had for a couple of weeks right before and found it lacking any wow factor, but it is not what I want long term. I think its soundstage and in particular imaging is better than that of the Solaris, its bass unquestionably is. But I need the full package.
  11. toughnut
    There’s no total package. Even the best headphone have cons. Take Sennheiser HE1. Or go down a few level, Focal Utopia.

    Not clear with what’s you dislike on Solaris written above. Can clarify?
  12. rutter
    How about the FW10K?

    What I disliked about the Solaris is that it does nothing at a $1500-$1650 level. At my intrinsic valuation of that amount anyway. It is balanced and good but overall unexceptional relative to the absolute standard I have in my head. The IER-Z1R, despite its tuning, brought more to the table.
  13. toughnut
    The main con for FW10000, for me, I can’t listen to it at higher volume without getting fatigue on certain genre due to treble energy.

    IMO, a perfect headphone IS boring (unexceptional) as it need to handle all genre equally.
  14. rutter
    Haven't people been claiming that treble calms down eventually?
  15. toughnut
    Who? To my memory, treble energy is there but it's not offensive to the point it shrill or sibilant. Overall signature a bit on bright side from get-go.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
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