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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. toranku
    Keep in mind I demo the FW10K at noisy environments. The vents are large. Bass levels will naturally plummet. Whereas CL2 and Z1R provides better isolation so they don't lose as much bass in those equally noisy environments.

    I've said that the FW10K would probably sound better at home or indoors, but at that point I rather use headphones since IEMs are on the go for my usage.

    Perhaps the new Spiral Dot tips would help it create a greater isolation, but the vent will always still be there so the amount of isolation one can get is very much limited.
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  2. rutter
    What do you mean there's less isolation? It even affects the sound signature? o.O Doesn't the Solaris also have a vent?
  3. Kitechaser
    That's actually very true. I think the differences in opinions on these iems are coming down to DAPs and fit.
    I listen to my CL2 while driving my car, with my windows down. Isolation with spiral dots is that good.
    And I am a comparatively lower volume listener.

    Does anyone know if JVC will be at canjam SoCal?
  4. toranku
    The larger the vent, the lesser the isolation. In noisy environments like buses, crowded places or trains, bass levels drop. This is why ANC is good tech - they cancel out the rumble on planes so you can still get good bass presence. FW10K doesn't isolate as well so they will lose more bass the noisier your environment is compared to the other two.

    All DDs need a vent but how much noise the vent allows into depends on the implementation. In FW10K's case, the vents allow a lot of noise through so they can sound more open, like the EX800/EX1000.
  5. jmills8
    Really depends on the track. If one is listening to Celine Dion well then not much bass is going on. If playing Duran Duran Planet Earth then the syb bass will start pounding.
  6. thisismyname
    the harsh treble toranku mentioning, I guess was from the DLC coating but with insufficient run-in time. As the FW10000 usually not run in enough in the demo, some listening with high powered DAP/amp and in high volume will usually hear unpleasant sound.

    The reviews I found in Twitter and Japanese sites were mostly positive, and most of them stated they would like to buy it after the demo. That's how FW10000 always out of stock.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  7. rutter
    What balanced cable is a successful pairing with these?
  8. jmills8
    Can just change the 3.5 to 4.4 connector.
  9. rutter
    I'm told that's a big no-no.
  10. rutter
    Let's try something. This is probably a bad quality video but from my recollection it might be helpful.

    Focus on the woman. How does her voice come across on the FW10k? How does the bass sound relative to it? I think that the Z1R might be doing disgraceful things to her voice and I might be compelled to take action in a few weeks.
  11. OnyX Prime
    I changed my stock to 4.4 (pentaconn) with the use of solder that contain Pt & Au and the pair sounded stunning indeed! A/Bed with Oslo III cable and 1960 4w. Oslo III is no match in all area imo and only lose to 1960 4w in terms of soundstage. I wish I can get another stock cable and diy an 8core version of the stock cable.
  12. OnyX Prime
    @davidmolliere after all these hours of listening may I ask your thoughts on cable rerolling? Especially with the 1960 4w and others that you have tried.
  13. davidmolliere
    Well, I have done my share of cable rolling with FW10K (Zen 8 wire, ALO Gold 16, ALO Litz 4w...) I found myself coming back to the stock cable as it was really doing a great job especially in the upper mids region avoiding any harshness there. Aside from not being balanced I'd say the stock cable has great performance (and ergonomics) that will be hard to top (especially I found it had great synergy). I wished I had the opportunity to try something like Thor II 8 wire or Horus from Effect Audio on the FW10K.

    Unfortunately never got to try the FW10K with the 1960 4w as it's a 2 pin and I lacked the adapter to try it out.
    Someone - I don't remember who - wrote much earlier in the thread that it paired really well with it and I can see how given the signature of the 1960.
  14. BlinkST
    252 hour mark: this is the first time that the FW10000 is making the FW01 an afterthought.
    Even when underpowered with this single-ended cable, the bass is damn near close to what I hear with the balanced FW01: deep, fluttering, and thundering. Even if you never hear the FW10000 balanced, I could see people being satisfied with the performance as it burns in.

    In other good news, Buyee (Tenso) shipped out my balanced cable.
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  15. toughnut
    Balanced out of DX220 with Amp 3, there’s lot of clean low and mid bass... Not sure if Amp 8 a good pairing, might turn it into bass monster.
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